The Start of a New Season!

ETU and Tokyo Victory Derby Pre-season turns out a draw!

Tokyo Victory failed to re-establish their stance of consecutive league champions as they were held to a 2-2 draw against ETU.   Gino opened the goal-scoring before Japanese international Mochida equalized from a controversial free-kick before the half.  Thanks to a horror fail of communication between the goalkeeper and step-up Tsubaki, Tokyo Victory went up 2-1 with five minutes remaining.  However, ex-captain Murakoshi had a sensational striker to level the game to a final 2-2 (Read full report).

Didn’t I tell you guys that I love soccer?  The most beautiful thing in the world are girls… and soccer balls.  I wanted to put one big post together in a similar to a match.  I know, many of you  came to this site expecting nothing from this series but here it is.  The grand report of Tatsumi, ETU, and the powers of giant killing.

This will be a fairly long post and you might need two sessions to read it without getting bored.  To start, I can relate to this show so much because although I’m not professional, I’ve been playing soccer for a very long time with the same group of people that today I can call not only my team but my family.  Out of four years, our record was 84- 1-4 (wins-losses-draws).   Needless to say, we were the giants.  This year we had won our league and our overseas tournaments, so we were expecting an easy win for our domestic tournament.  Now for those of you who know soccer, you know that domination means nothing – only when the ball hits the back of the net will you be able to win.  We lost in the semi-finals against a team we destroyed earlier in the season.  The final score was 1-0.  We had 32 shots.  They had 2.  That night was the worst night of my life as I was resting on the bench for the finals that would never come.  I couldn’t help make my team win, and after I was put on when we were losing, we couldn’t turn fate and the final whistle blew over our tears.

Bet you guys can’t find me.

In that sense, I can relate to Tokyo Victory’s confidence and players.  To be honest, we were very much like them – best players, best teamwork, best passion, best skills, and an incredible love for soccer.  But thanks to a genius tactical change, we couldn’t stop our local rivals from beating us.  It was humiliation, but now I can feel the sense of victory that ETU felt as they tied the champions.  Humiliation for one team means the rebirth of another.  Shame it had to be us who were humiliated though.

We trained every day to become champions.  Our motto was “Whatever it takes.  No excuses.  No explanations”, and we lived by that code.  We always went into a game with our heads up and we always left the pitch with our heads up.  But we still practice.  We were the best, but we were still human.  Noticeably, we had several second-string kids step up to the first team and those kids ended up helping us so much in many games.

Apart from me going on and on about the sport, Giant Killing was actually pretty decent despite the crappy artwork.  The soccer presented was very realistic and I was impressed how they were able to keep everything down to earth while keeping the entertaining mood.  The episodes went by so quickly for me and I was surprised that it took three episodes for a single match yet they were able to keep it fun.  The tactics actually made sense and the ball skills presented were at the level it should have been.  I mean, we didn’t see a star player dribbling the entire other team, nor did we see a 100000000 mph shot from one end to the other, unlike Hungry Heart Wild Striker.   I’m expecting much from this series, and I hope it’s one of the longer ones.  Yes, from now on, I’ll be doing reviews every episode… I only kept the first game a special case as a surprise.

So yes, in the end, I ended my four-year soccer career with a loss.  The only loss that our team had experience in 9 years.  I was at fault for breaking our unbeatable record.  Still, even the strongest empires must fall to lead to new eras, right?  I will grow stronger through playing, and I will continue in college, although professional seems to be quite distant.  My last official match in my life might’ve been a disappointment, but it was fun and memorable.  Love you guys… and love you guys too who read my posts.  Spiral out.


1 Response to “The Start of a New Season!”

  1. 5 May 2010 at 4:22 pm

    Yes! I knew you would give in eventually and blog this.
    When I first watched this I was very skeptical, skeptical but positive although more in desperation that a good sport anime would finally come around. And this show has repaid my positive hopes almost ten-fold – my sister even likes this anime!

    Pity about how you ended your soccer career, but yay for blogging Giant Killing.

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