One Piece 583 – Gray Terminal, Final Destination of Uncertainty

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End of a fight, more boring filler chapters.

While Luffy tries to follow Ace to wherever he goes, he becomes more and more invincible as he literally goes through hell to cross a “path where no normal human could’ve followed”.  We know that Luffy’s already a rubber-man, and he’s using Shanks’ advice to hang around Portgas.  Good to see that Portgas was interested in being a pirate with his little friend stealing some stuff… before Luffy gets taken away to some place.

We know since that it’s a flashback that Luffy and Ace will live, and that they’ll probably kick the villain’s ass and become friends as a result.  Boring chapter and I’d hate to see the next few chapters that are to come.  Chapters after a closing arc always are so disappointing… must be a break for Oda then, right?

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1 Response to “One Piece 583 – Gray Terminal, Final Destination of Uncertainty”

  1. 1 lily
    10 May 2010 at 10:12 am

    Haha, this flashback was better placed than the others were. I still remember when they started Chopper’s flashback, right before Luffy lands a hit on Wapol. I also think this chapter is quite boring, though I hope it gets interesting later on.

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