Kaichou wa Maid-sama! episode six

It’s hard to believe that they’re all over twenty years old.

When Misa introduced the episode with the Ayuzawa Cram School group, I thought that we were in for a crap episode.  Not only did all the characters look alike (possibly to indicate their lesser importance as characters) but they were constantly annoying Misa so much until it finally got to the point that a superhuman had to get involved.  That superhuman is Usui. Luckily, Usui manages to literally “pull” Misa to the side whenever she is running away from the group, which further shows that Usui is a stalker.  At least he’s rewarded with a photo with Misa that he treasures throughout the whole episode.

In between, Misa begins to worry about keeping her job a secret and how people will look at her.   While she cools her head off at the school roof, she runs into Usui with the photo.   After a few seconds of superhuman grabbing-and-dodging, Usui gets the photo knocked out of his hands to which he jumps after.  Before he does, Misa asks why he does such things for her.  He responds with a simple kiss and jumps off the roof.  He then dies from internal bleeding and Misa is left heartbroken for the last five minutes of the episode as the anime goes five years into the future, where it will focus on her sister and her amazing market-calendar skills.

Just kidding.  Usui goes to the hospital with minor injuries and we get another “I hate you” line as the episode finished on a happier note.  And I’m glad to see that we got some good direction in this episode.  The relationship is actually going now and Misa almost admitted that she liked Usui too.  But it’s interesting to see why the directors incorporated another bunch of characters when I think the series could’ve gone without them.

In retrospect, although the episode finally moved in terms of relationship, the episode wasn’t that great.  I found myself going to get snacks during the first fifteen while it aired and ended up having to watch an uploaded RAW version to see what I missed.  The whole issue with the Cram School boys knowing that she’s a maid has already been emphasized over the course of the series, so I thought that was a waste of time.  The repetitive chase scene got on my nerves when we got the same message being played over and over again: with Misa working… and her running away from the group.  The bunny-ear scene was also pointless, unless we’ll see that in the next episode.  We already emphasized that Usui and Misa are both superhuman but the kiss finally atoned for the lame episode.  At least we’ll be able to go somewhere with that, I hope.  And now, the only part of the episode worth putting a collection of screencaps for…

“Actually, she was the one who ripped my shirt like this…”


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    15 August 2010 at 5:52 pm

    i would like to follow this blog in the future :DD
    hehe thnks

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