Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao episode six

They finally killed the best part.

Korone was surprisingly trying to be more seductive after a brief scene in the beginning where she is talking to a hierarchy that wants to get rid of Sai Akuto.  This, of course, completely ruins her character since she’s always kidding around but this time, she was serious.  She actually wanted to get laid by Sai Akuto.  What’s even more surprising was that Sai Akuto is able to resist a barrage of Korone’s attempts to seduce him, which leads me to believe that he’s 1) really pure or 2) gay.  I’m up for the second theory, since it would make the series all the more interesting knowing that the future hell-bringer is homosexual.

The episode itself wasn’t that great, but it had a lot of… action in it as we found ourselves heading towards the beach.  While Sai has his flashback, his hand somehow finds Korone’s boob, and eventually Hatori’s boob.  After a whole misunderstanding and clearing-up, Sai finds himself alone with Hatori and Soga Keena, who ends up playing with a “sea cucumber” and ends up squirting Hatori with it.  Japan, I don’t know if you found that scene to be genius or funny, but it was just unnecessary.  No doubt it’ll rake in the money from the otakus.

Sai realizes that someone has been following him and at night, he decides to confront the person.  After a brief interlude of Soga Keena being drunk (FTW), a gunshot is fired and Korone is seen falling down.  We can assume she was the one who got shot, right?  And ends the episode with a cliffhanger.  We haven’t seen an actual firearm in the series (unless you count Korone’s modified rice-bazooka) so it’s interesting to see the combination of guns + magic that is possibly going to come up.

Like I said, the episode wasn’t that great but it wasn’t bad by all means either.  It was funny and we had some good parts, but the whole issue with everyone misunderstanding Akuto’s ‘demon-king’ actions is completely repetitive.  Not only that, they killed Korone’s incredible blunt sarcasm with the actual intent that she wanted to get laid by Akuto.  What was she going to do then?  Her mission was to seduce Sai Akuto, but for what purpose?  If she needed to kill him, she could just do it then and there.  On the other hand, my other far-fetched theory was that she would have to be impregnated by Sai Akuto, kill him, and give the baby up for some magical testing so that the hierarchy would be able to possess the magic powers of the Demon King’s offspring.  Can Lalidans get pregnant?  Speaking of girls getting laid, that whole orgy imagination-thing by Etou in the middle was really disturbing.  So she’s bisexual, right?  The whole episode revolved around fan-service, so I = displeased.  But it’ll be interesting to see how the next episode plays out, and fingers crossed that the director’s don’t kill Korone.

2 Responses to “Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao episode six”

  1. 10 May 2010 at 5:41 am

    Korone back at it again but I enjoy her crazy character this episode, a bit over the top with some of her things but still fun. The cucumber thing was very strange and agreed not really needed, the minute i saw Kena pick it up I somehow knew something was gonna happen Either A it slips out of her hands and hits Hattori or something else and ya…it did lmao. Drunk Kena is kind of cute thou ;D I really enjoy that character she seems fun.

  2. 2 blacknightz
    10 May 2010 at 9:12 am

    Boring ep with equally boring fan pleasing. Enough said.

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