Senkou no Night Raid 2,3,4: 4.5/10

This anime disappointed me in the beginning.  I did not like the fact that these peeps are super natural espers.  No me gusta mucho.  Pero, I gave it another chance.  It hasn’t gotten any better.  The first episode was good.  The second was better.  The third was worse.  The fourth was worst.  My patience is wearing thin.  So thin that I would rather watch Working!! anyday.  At least that one got better.

They are looking at a cute neko btw


Episode 2: They stalk a violinist.  The violinist is a spy who they intercept message which was supposed to be broadcasted on radio as a music piece.  Violinist is a Jew who lives in Germany while Nazi in power. Go figure why he is spy.  He gets stopped.  He thanks them for letting him play his own music.  He kills himself.

Episode 3:

The guys are fighting another esper with teleportation in a swanky mall.  They have cool gun fights.  Pretty boring and no development.  *yawn* Fail.

Episode 4:

The F4 take pictures for their partime job as a photo company.  They get Gaozi.  NOM NOM NOM.  Cat steals bag with important photos.  They chase. They catch.  They have cat for dinner.


Episode 2 was well played.  It release inkling of each of the F4’s pasts while keeping the episode moving.  Not much to say. Well done.  The third was pitiful.  I puked blood like the violinist.  Yeah, it had cool gun fights between teleporters.  Yeah it was cool seeing them pwn the opponent esper.  Other than that.  Nothing.  The last was stupid.  Fine. It was a comedy episode.  It was useless.  Waste of precious 24 minutes to get plot moving.  Poopdeck.

1 Response to “Senkou no Night Raid 2,3,4: 4.5/10”

  1. 1 blacknightz
    10 May 2010 at 7:01 pm

    Hated it that much? It entertained me well enough.

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