Katekyo Hitman Reborn 288 – Bodyguard

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It’s over 9000!

Well, the episode wasn’t that great nor was it bad either.  It takes place at Tsuna’s house, where he wakes up to the surprise of the Shimon family eating breakfast at his house while his mother happily looks on.  First of all, what the hell is wrong with that woman?  In more than one occasion have a bunch of random people eaten at her house but she still makes them food like its normal.  Secondly, Reborn is acting way too slowly as he tests out the Shimon family’s power.  This test includes Ryohei and Aoba (respective Sun guardians) to try and break these really hard plates.  While Ryohei breaks the plate eventually, Reborn realizes that Aoba must be really strong as well since he was able to take Ryohei’s attack from holding the plate and still be fit.  Either way, the episode ends with a final page of the previous Ninth Vongola generation arriving from their plane on Japanese soil.  As expected, they look like extremely hardcore and dangerous, but old men.

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All in all, we learn what we expected.  We learn that the Shimon Family are not to be underestimated but it’s curious to see what they’ll do.  Maybe another family will come?  Or will it be an expected Shimon Family vs. Vongola Family?  What will be really stupid is that a bunch of random enemy families come to kill the Ninth and it’s up to the Shimon and Vongola family to work together and save the day.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, but looks like it might.


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