Kaichou wa Maid-sama! episode seven

“This here is our target – she’s a feisty one so lets take her down quickly.”

Well, Misa even looks smarter wearing glasses as the start of the episode shows with her remembering when Usui kissed her, causing her to screw up her work habbits.  Of course, when she finished with work she runs into Usui, which makes it a bit awkward for her since she remembers the whole kissing-thing.  Seems that she can do tons of work, be a student council president, but she doesn’t know how to react when someone says that he likes her.  Anyways, Usui leaves after Misa takes refuge in the changing room.  Later, We run into a bunch of other school kids who get into a fight with Misaki’s school kids, causing a whole rukus leading to some public incident, and it’s up to our Misa-chan to set it right.  While Usui offers to help her back at the student council room, he ends up kissing Yukimura (purposely), and Misa realizes that Usui is probably just a sexual-harassing bastard who does that to everyone.  If she was a bit smarter, she would realize that Usui probably did so that Misa would think that way.  Yukimura falls over in… pain… and Misaki starts yelling in her triumph.

The scene changes as Misaki is accompanying the two delinquents but they reveal that the other school guys provoked them first.  It turns out that the other school is just a frikin’ rich school and the targets are hanging out in the chess club.  Misaki turns the tables and Seika High demands an apology, much to the distate of calling people flies.  The rich kid offers a game of chess to see who will have to apologize – turns out only Usui is the only one that knows how to play.  Although we probably know how this will end up, the other guy turns out to be nationally ranked as fourth in chess.  Usui, on the other hand, is… the winner as he beats the rich guys.  As everyone is laughing about it on the way home, Miyabigaoka sends their five-member student council to deal with Misaki.    The president turns out to be the son of one of the richest men in the world and introduces himself as Igarashi Tora.  He firstly apologizes, and then asks Misaki to join their Student Council.  Of course, the answer is… well, she’s not sure yet.  But it turns out that Tora in his limousine is a player with two older women at his side and he’s just playing with Misaki.

Cafe-day at the cafe is dressing up like gentlemen as Misaki looks like a really hot Misaki-kun, rather than a cute Misaki-chan.  Usui confronts Misaki about President Tora but Misaki goes on her day acting really happily.  So maybe she’s really a lesbian… but then Usui orders Misaki to take off her clothes… lol, proving that she really is a girl, and showing the difference between a pitcher and a catcher.  Surprisingly, Misaki tells Usui to f*ck off and stop bothering her.  Meanwhile, the episode ends with a cliff-hanger when Tora finds out that Misaki works as a maid.

It seems like the decent conflicts have actually started but that Tora character is annoying.  I wasn’t surprised at how Misaki reacted towards Usui but the introduction of another gentleman character seems to really be conflicting.  I mean, Tora might have the money but Usui’s got the skills, as shown in his matherful owning in chess.  But the last scene brought the relaxed-feel back into the show with the whole girl –> guy thing when Misaki dresses and acts like a guy.  Wow, that scene just somehow reminded me of Hayate no Gotoku but better.  Misaki better not go with that Tora guy, because Usui can kick his ass anyday of the week.  On the side note, this anime has a billion stalkers in it.


1 Response to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! episode seven”

  1. 1 Salamandra
    17 May 2010 at 10:22 am

    I’m pretty sure that the moral of the story is that everyone is a stalker, just that there are good stalkers and bad stalkers.

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