Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou episode seven


Wow, it turns out that useless guy that sticks to Sai Akuto isn’t useless after all when his future is predicted to be “hero”.  Anyways, Korone did get shot but while she’s bleeding, she asks about how Sai feels about Soga Keena.  Wow, that blood flow really looks like she’s having a period – another failed fanservice attempt?  Anyways, Korone admits that this will be the last time she will see Sai and she leaves through a magical door.  WHY!? Why does Korone have to leave of all the characters?  The f*ck is the director thinking?

The future hero ends up being the best friend of the future demon lord, which brings conflict and trouble to everyone on the island.  Everyone ends up running away as Hatori points out to Sai that Miwa might’ve actually wanted to be the hero after Sai denies everything.  And they run into trouble as an old man is summoning this tentacle-like object from the lake as Yukiko points out that her brother Miwa will instantly crush him since he’s a “hero”.  Soga Keena, on the other hand, is naked.  We end up getting a really awkward fight scene between a buff Sai Akuto and an old pervert who uses noise to fight.

He beats the shit out of Sai Akuto while Miwa is having this self-reflection time that makes him transform into the blue Power Ranger to beat that tentacle monster.  Sai Akuto eventually manages to defeat the monster with the return of Korone and it turns out that the crazy man was sent by the Magical government to stop Sai Akuto.  Korone kicks his ass since she’s not affected by the noise-magic and the episode ends with her suggesting that Sai marries Junko Hatori, to which Hatori starts maniacally laughing and skips away.

What was interesting about this episode was that gay costume Miwa had to wear – I mean, he can be the hero but why does it have to be in a cheesy costume like that?  Is he going to have to keep his secret ego forever?  That’s what I felt was completely unnecessary with the episode, but I’m glad that Korone came back again, sexier than ever.  I was happy to see that the directors bring the best characters back into the show aka Korone.  It’s curious to see who next will try to kill Sai Akuto but we should eventually see the other members of the A-team assemble.  I want to actually see Junko get married to Sai but I wonder how Soga Keena will be involved with everything.  I want Peterhausen to get involved with the fighting as well – like the opening scene in the beginning.


Casshern with a cape???



4 Responses to “Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou episode seven”

  1. 18 May 2010 at 6:12 am

    Not one of my favorites Ichiban episodes, but cool to see Hiroshi doing something instead of following Sai all the time. I thought the same thing when Korone left like what!? who’s gonna mess with Sai’s head all the time?. Mister X felt out of place in this show to me he seems to fit more in a Mecha type than this. Also a bit of Gurren Laggan animation during Sai and Mister X’s fights not a bad touch, I did not like Hiroshi’s super hero outfit at all maybe I will come to like it sooner or later.

  2. 3 neofreed0m
    18 May 2010 at 3:49 pm

    This episode made no sense at all. The plot (if there was any) for this episode was changing so rapidly that the whole episode was a mess. Not only that, everyone was out of character, the animation keeps switching between very detailed and below average in a few seconds, and why did Mr. X shoot Korone again? He just wanted to shoot her and then run away? Why didn’t he use the gun later in the fight?

    Well actually, this could be expected. The show was going downhill ever since the first episode. The initial concept was actually pretty good, but it slowly made less sense with each episode until this episode where it made no sense at all.

    I didn’t read the manga or the novel, but if this is part of the original storyline then I would be very surprise.

    • 4 SPIRAL
      18 May 2010 at 5:35 pm

      I agree with you to a certain extent. However, I think the purpose anime was to just have sells on the DVD versions that exclude the random-face censors. It has a lot of fan-service in it so perhaps the director is going just for the ecchi-money-route rather than a let’s-make-the-plot-make-sense route.

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