Angel Beats! episode seven

The moment we’ve finally been waiting for comes as we not only see Otonashi’s past but the first way an SSSS member died.  But before we begin probing through Otonashi’s mind, I would like to take the opportunity to say: I WAS RIGHT!  I knew that Ayato Naoi would join the SSS, what did I say?  Anyways, it’s still a bit surprising that he chose to wear his original badass costume throughout his membership and the scene where he was hypnotizing Hinata to thinking that he was worth less than a clothes hanger was pretty funny to say the least, although now that I think about it, the clothes hanger… does… indeed… have more…. worth than me… (runs away and starts to bang head on wall).  Speaking of walls, the room Yuri takes him to looks awfully a lot like the SOS-dan club room, or is it just me?

Otonashi’s troubled past deals around the aspect of his sick sister.  She’s cute, but it’s so sad to see a girl like her in the hospital, although the sadness has lost its effect after watching Clannad and Clannad ~After Story~.  Otanashi has a differnt look with long hair covering one side of his face, and he’s emo – he doesn’t know what the point of living is, but he finally realizes after his sister dies on Christmas while he sneaks her out to see the festivity.  That line was pretty creep after she says “Thank you” when Otonashi said “And for the rest of the night, I walked around talking to myself.”  Just when he gets hope to live, his subway derails.  And we can assume he dies instantly.

The second half of the episode finishes with Angel (Kanade) participating with the SSS members in fishing around the lake.  While Otonashi is dellusioning crazy dragons that will emerge, Yuri points out that they’re only fishing for 1) fun and 2) food.  Angel (Kanade) does end up catching and cooly dicing a giant mutant fish which leaves the SSS with a lot of food for a while, until Yuri comes into the scene, beaten up and bleading.  While she claims that Angel was the one who beat the shit out of her, Otonashi points out that Angel (Kanade) was here the whole time, only to be interrupted by an Angel clone (with red eyes).


Was this when she split? Could be...

On the side note, I liked how the episode didn’t really focus on Angel til the later half of the episode.  Otonashi’s past was worth looking into but I’ll be expecting more of his past to help develop his character, even though we did have that coffee on the roof scene.  I knew Kanade couldn’t be the bad guy, but it’s time for theories as the second Angel pops up.  My first theory is that there were always two – one was just the student who did her jobs (Kanade) while the other one was actually the one who started to attack the SSS during the operation Tornadoes and the attack on Guild.  But then again, the eyes from the first two episodes show that they are yellow, signifying that the Angel is Kanade.  And my other theory is that Kanade had a personality change and this caused herself to split into the kind, amiable version and another kill-SSS members and follow-duty-as-Angel version.  The red-eyes one was an interesting appearance, but I expect Angel (Kanade) to fight off Angel (red-eyes) to protect her new-found friends.  But then again, if that was the case, how is the other half of the series going to take place?

Couple XD


10 Responses to “Angel Beats! episode seven”

  1. 17 May 2010 at 10:37 am

    I think it’s pretty probable the the new Tenshi was created from that technique. Saw that ‘harmonics’ skill on the computer when they broke into Kanade’s room. A cloning technique that allowed for kicking off and taking down the fish. It’s possible she hadn’t worked out the bugs in the move and only used it then because it was absolutely necessary. There are other possibilities, but I’m just leaning on that one for now.

    Good call on Naoi. Honestly I thought he vanished. Instead they now have a hypnotism guy on their side. At least with the red eye Tenshi there is a visible enemy for the SSS to fight. Since at the end of the episode there was a real danger of them having nothing to do. Sure fighting God sounds good, but if he doesn’t appear it’s tough to tackle him.

    • 2 SPIRAL
      17 May 2010 at 8:27 pm

      Haha I’m up for that theory – a bug in her system training. Yeah, I mean, about Naoi – why would they develop him so much just for him to be deleted in one episode. I’m expecting another episode towards the end where a lot of SSS members just disappear altogether massively. GirlDeMo will probably disappear together but yeah, another theory coming.

  2. 17 May 2010 at 12:35 pm

    If any sick/hurt person is piggy backed during anime they will die. It’s like a rule or something. Characters seem to have a much better chance of living if someone is crying over their supposedly dead body.

    I thought Naoi was going to disappear but he has been spared so we may have more yaoi jokes. Hurray for the fangirls!

    I really thought that Otonashi was going to be last in terms of having a past explained. So instead of focusing on how sad everything is all I can wonder is why Yuri wanted it done NOW. Suspicious actions going on here.

    • 4 SPIRAL
      17 May 2010 at 8:28 pm

      True that, it makes for the more effect. I really honestly don’t see why Naoi had to get involved in the whole series but I guess it had a more comfortable effect. Yuri likes Otonashi – simple as that.

    • 18 May 2010 at 4:34 am

      In terms of Otonashi’s memories I think it really is because an option suddenly appeared. With Naoi they could get the memories back instead of having to wait. Plus I think she was uneasy with him still having amnesia. After all learning his past might convince him to go and I think Yuri would like to find out what is going to happen before she gets more attached to him.

  3. 6 VK
    17 May 2010 at 7:40 pm

    Sometimes the direction in this show makes me facepalm. It’s so all over the place.

    And I really wish that Naoi had just vanished instead of being made gay for Ootonashi.
    He massacres the entire team and in return he gets a hug and membership, while Kanade is bullied for who knows how long, and even after they learn the truth they still doubt her.

  4. 7 Lem
    18 May 2010 at 8:02 am

    I find it horribly ironic that Otonashi(or should I start calling him Yuzuru now?)’s sister is voiced by Mai Nakahara, a.k.a. Nagisa.

    Hehe, though I am curious as to how these interesting conclusions as well as the new questions are going to turn out. Looking forward to it.

    • 8 SPIRAL
      18 May 2010 at 9:03 am

      Well, she IS good at the frail/fragile voices – maybe they wanted to make that a slight Clannad reference.

  5. 19 May 2010 at 6:17 am

    Another fun episode, little bit sad during the first half learning Otonashi’s story and gah little sister on back = instant death always. Seeing the two Kanade’s makes me wonder if one if the show is trying for some small religious tones the red eyes one being the “devil” and the other being an actual angel. But don’t think they want to cross into that, who knows..

    And hearing Otonashi’s sister’s voice being Nagisa made me laugh a bit, she does play sick characters well…

  6. 10 Yi
    20 May 2010 at 4:30 pm

    This was a very loaded chapter with so much info crammed in… almost too much.
    Otonashi’s little sister story seems a bit cliche, but works nonetheless.
    Tenshi #2 tripped me up quite a bit though. I can’t decide on any theories as of yet, but regardless of what Tenshi actually is, I agree that good Tenshi is probably going to fight off bad Tenshi.

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