B Gata H Kei episode seven

What was even more funny was that Yamada was being more eccentric over competing with Kanejou than she really should have been – the whole analyzing body sizes thing was pretty funny, but tying that into how it affects her swimming speed was pretty clever.  Leave it to Yamada to connect sex and swimming together, but the shower scene had to be the funniest all week when she is shaving everything and tries one line (as demonstrated by the sheep) – “OH MY GOD!”  And she eventually decides not to try to seduce Kosuda for some time while she regrows her tropic region – to which her friend is shocked, even to point out that it would be the end of the world if Yamada stopped thinking abuot sex.  Why wasn’t I surprised when Kanejou ended up being a good terms with Chika?

The second episode is during summer vacation and Yamada’s journey to follow Kosuda to where he’s going.  Luckily, she uses her charms to hitch-hike with… several… obscenely… large army men.  After what I assume to be some silly war interlude with Yamada surviving, she takes her gun and eventually runs into Kosuda.  Rather than asking why she has a real gun, Kosuda tells her that he was planning to show her the pictures he took of the stars later.  Yamada is somewhat touched and the episode ends on another positive yet repetitive note that there is more to the relationship than sex and lust.

All in all, it wasn’t my favorite B Gata H Kei episode but it certainly was enlightening and humorous… not.  It wasn’t bad, but nothing in particular stood out about this episode other than the swimming pool part and the awkward military thing in the second half of the episode.  It’s curious to see how Yamada is still so bent on having sex when clearly she could be having more to do with Kosuda than just that.  Undoubtedly by the end of the series, she’ll realize this.  Hopefully.


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