Angel Beats! episode eight

"Madness..? THIS... IS... ANGEL BEATS!!!!!!"

I was looking forward to this episode especially after the cliffhanger at the end of the last episode.  So the episode begins with evil Angel beating the sh*t out of Yuri, only be engage with the good Angel (Kanade).  Both of them get stabbed, but Kanade is the only one that seems to end up in the hospital.  It turns out that she’s like the SSS, in the sense that she can’t die.  Well, that’s good to know – how were they planning to kill her anyways then?  While they start conversing at the side of her bed, Yuri realizes that the evil Angel keeps adding different computer hacks to become stronger.

While the SSS members are in class and doing everything in their powers not to pay attention, Yuri is hacking Angel’s computer again.  The distraction scene was pretty funny with everyone doing what they usually like doing.  I’d say that the winner would have to be Shiina looking at her spoon, or maybe even Yui getting kicked out of class and punishment having her hold the water barrels.

Yuri decides that it’s best after good Angel (Kanade) is kidnapped by evil Angel and her army of clones.  She guesses that Kanade is trapped at the bottom of Guild, and it’s up to them to save her.  Instead of traps this time around, they start to find multiple clones of Angel, and each member of the SSS starts to sacrifice himself/herself in the same orderly fashion of a judo press.  The funniest one had to be Naoi hypnotizing another member to killing himself, and then getting killed himself, to which Yui replies “I didn’t know his name”.

Eventually, we get to the end of the episode with Yuri kicking an evil Angel’s ass and Otonashi recovering good Angel (Kanade).  To destroy the clones, she must make her own clone since after ten seconds every clone will go back to her.  But can she absorb all those consciousnesses?  That episode ends on a cliffhanger as good Angel (Kanade) is screaming in pain while Otonashi grabs her tight to help her get through the pain.

An interesting and fun episode, but kind off comically repetitive with the classroom scenes and the repeatedly getting killed by evil Angel clones in the exact same way.  It’s surprising that Otonashi has to survive but as Hinata pointed out, Otonashi has a closer relationship to good Angel (Kanade) than anyone else.  But I’m still up for an Otonashi x Yuri end, but what shall happen as good Angel absorbs the evil spirits.  My only theory is that good Angel will become evil Angel and it’s up to Otonashi to bring back her kindness in a later episode.

On the side note, I totally flipped out when TK did his whole dance thing in the hall, and I thought he said “Crap” towards the end of the episode (turned out to be ‘trap’ though… damn).

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiii

5 Responses to “Angel Beats! episode eight”

  1. 1 Needle
    22 May 2010 at 1:18 pm

    That makes no sense.

    Why they did assume that ‘Tenshi’ and the program was synched? Why would that make any sense at all? That’s a huge freaking flaw. I was under the assumption that the “Angel Player” program was merely a tool to design her abilities, i.e. a blueprint, not the abilities themselves.

    And assuming that they knew it was synched and what they changed on the computer affected her as well, why didn’t they just delete her abilities back in ep3 when they hacked it?

    • 2 SPIRAL
      22 May 2010 at 2:14 pm

      Yuri in this episode stated that while they would hack, they would keep changes to a bare minimum, because if they just deleted everything, Tenshi would just put everything back and KNOW that other people were at the computer. I’m assuming that Angel Player directly links to Tenshi, I mean, it’s a TV show.

      • 3 amado
        23 May 2010 at 10:21 pm

        if you look at it in a diff way, if they mess up kanade’s computer, they might mess up kanade.

        gotta agree that naoi had the funniest suicide:
        “hey, someone say something”-hinata
        “well I dont know his name”-yui

        on a side note, yuri is awesome when she’s fighting tenshi in close combat.

  2. 23 May 2010 at 3:07 am

    I am going to admit I was worried about the classroom thing. The way Yuri warned everyone to not pay attention made me think that they were going to try to cut down this giant cast in a way that would be easy and made sense. But everyone “lives” so yay!

    Poor silly Naoi. At least he is in the closing song now. Such a “scary” enemy is now someone everyone laughs at….which is enjoyable too. XD

  3. 26 May 2010 at 6:28 am

    Ohhhh ya I forgot about Naoi’s death that was pretty funny, and how he used his powers on the kid so he would hug the clone, such a great comedic episode and Yui smacking her head to “die” was great too.

    Strange how they have access to her program like that…you would think they could I dunno deactivate the whole thing? and I agree Yuri is great at fighting!

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