B Gata H Kei episode eight

An opportunity presents itself as the class decides to go on a three-day trip to Kyoto.  Now, we’ve seen these types of episodes in other anime so this episode of B Gata H Kei can go either way.  Knowing Yamada and Kosuda, we’re going in the hit-n-miss episode.  The first part of the episode was pretty good with the train scenes, the bath scenes, the Yamada imagination scene, and the night session.  My favorite scene had to be Yamada imagining Kosuda imagining what shrewd things the girls might’ve been doing.  And the best line in that scene – “Kosuda, are you African American?”.   The second one had to be the night session – I was expecting serious but funny talks about each other’s sex life.  That leads me to me giving an honest fact: I, Spiral, am… “SHUT UP!”

Haha but that seriously was funny with the continuous exchange.  I was disappointed that they decided to skip the three days, and I was even more disappointed by the result of the boat ride, but I wasn’t surprised.  But it was good in the end with the whole Kosuda-train-neck-stuck confession scene.  Throughout the last five minutes, Yamada couldn’t bring herself to reply to Kosuda, but it was frustrating to see this happen.  Hopefully, Yamada can grow some… well, I hope not.  Kanejou didn’t seem to play big part of this episode except for the enlightenment scene, which was LOL in itself.

Overall, somewhat funny episode but a bit disappointing.  As I said, it was another hit-and-miss but maybe Yamada will develop towards the end of the series.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  Undoubtedly.  …maybe not.  …um… no.  But it was still cool to see that Takeshita is further off than Yamada… ironically enough.  KORA!!!!!


1 Response to “B Gata H Kei episode eight”

  1. 1 blindability
    22 May 2010 at 6:16 am

    I feel really bad for Kosuda. He deserves a lot more and someone better than Yamada. Even if they got together in the end, I would think he’s getting a pretty poor deal. Sometimes nice guys finish last because they fall for girls who are no good for them.

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