Durarara 17 and 18: Wounds

Yay! Poro is BACH! Do to relatively small natural disasters, My electrical supply lines were severed as the forces of natured pitted me in a two front war.  I was forced to fight them both off with my black gloves of justice and guard skills, more commonly known as a bucket, sponge, and pink rubber gloves you can get at a 99 cents store.  I decided to take on the closure of the Slasher arc and Kida’s past.  BTW I would like to propose the creation of the Izaya is a MotherFucking Dick Society. (IMFDS )

I would like to propose several trivial topics to fill my post up with some actual original content that has (hopefully) not been discussed during the 1 week MIA time.  Onward.

Unnecessary Topic #1: Celty vs. Anri who will win?

First a list of each of their powas.

Anri has:

  • A beastly katana
  • A zombie army
  • Probably NEENJA moves given to her from Saika
  • Shakugan no Anri

Celty on the other hand…

  • First and foremost Moe
  • Black “void” that can turn into practically any shape
  • possessed motorbike
  • awesome indestructible regeneration abilities


Justification: Between a long ranged spear and a katana, I bet Celty would pwn.  Even with a zombie army, Celty can just run over them with her motor bike and run away.  Even better, turn her black void thingy into a gun and bullets.  Basically gg right there.  I mean, have to seen the last part of zombie land with the snake-skin white guy just pawn those zombies with dual pistols!?!? Have you?!? No? Then go pirate it or something idk.  Next topic.

Unnecessary Topic #2: Kida and Saki

Poor KIDA.  ;_; . I apologize to you Kida that I can’t  get into that anime with a loaded shotgun and blast the brains out of Izaya.  I sorries!! But then again, you should have not dated Saki in the first place.  Dumbass, trust that brain of yours.  If you can make a gang, you should be able to trust it by now to know if a person is trouble or not.  I found it funny though when Izaya throws his phone after seeing Kida’s name dialing him.

Unnecessary Topic #3: Izaya is a Dick

Izaya is probably the biggest dick in the world.  Worse than Light Yagami.  Worse than the stereotypical bad guy.  How he plays with human feelings and people may make him awesome, but it also makes him a dick as well. Now we kinda get what Izaya’s weird game symbolizes.  It is his way of seeing how everyone will react when certain actions occur.  What a dick head.

Necessary Topic #1: Shizuo and Wishes

Shizuo has always. Always. Wanted to be strong enough to control himself.  So that he doesn’t hurt people to the point of death.  But he also had the impossible wish to be able to give his all and not hurt anyone.  Nobody would die or be in great pain.  He wanted that.  We all have unattainable wishes. Mine? Meet Haruhi-sama and watch anime all day.  But alas the floods, tornados, and earthquakes will all enter our lives.  This isn’t Durarara.  This is life.

4 Responses to “Durarara 17 and 18: Wounds”

  1. 23 May 2010 at 7:46 am

    Actually, Shizuo finally attained his wish. He got the power he needed to stop himself by letting go. Before he was so worried about hurting people that he couldn’t keep focused on what he was actually doing. Of course, whether or not this sticks is up to the writers to decide.

  2. 2 Azure
    23 May 2010 at 1:11 pm

    Celty’s first power, being moe, has already beaten Anri hands down~

  3. 23 May 2010 at 5:40 pm

    Great episode! I do enjoy the use of modern tech in this show through texting and chatrooms, Agreed with Azure Celty’s moe power is greater than Anri. Best part of the episode was Celty’s bike transformation into a horse and Anri showing off Saika blade with glowing eye! I still wonder about Simon thou, what’s his purpose in the show? I was beginning to think he was the Blue squares leader but not sure how that fits he does wear blue.

  4. 4 amado
    24 May 2010 at 11:15 am

    your forgetting it was saika that made celty lose her head besides she admitted she couldnt beat anri

    I still support masaomiXsaki since they are perfect for each other but thats also why izaya used her so its not really stupid to date saki, whats stupid was to trust izaya. to put it simply if you cant get it izaya made masaomi dependent on him then ignore him when he’s needed the most.

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