Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou episode eight

As the date grows closer and closer to our involvement in 5camp’s Aniblog Tournament, I find myself feeling better and better about this blog and hopefully we can get somewhere.  Of course, having an episode where nothing exciting happens on the same week of our introduction to that tournament doesn’t really help, but it’s time for another classic, or should I say ‘disappointing’ episode Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou.

"...why yes, I do enjoy playing the violin."

(1) Soga Keena really needs to stop getting high off rice.

This little hyperactive highschool student with the mind of an eight-year old needs to stop eating so much damn rice.  Half the episode wasted itself on presenting Soga Keena’s ridiculous situation – she doesn’t go to class and in return, she spends the whole day eating rice, sleeping, eating rice, and eating rice.  It was ridiculous that Sai Akuto paid attention so much to this matter yet she just turns invisible and strips away.  Did I also mention that she’s managed to forget about Akuto when she met him over ten years ago?

It’s really funny how she manages to have a constant supply of clothes, seeing as how she just throws them away each time by turning invisble.  Ten bucks says that she turned invisible and slept next to Akuto at one point.  Invisible naked girls aside,  she doesn’t really do anything this episode other than eat rice and plot to hatch a monster egg to eat it.  When that fails, she just ends up going back to class.  Wow, it took her a giant two-headed chicken monster’s convincing to go back and study.  Brilliant Holmes.

"...what colored Yoshi was this again?"

(2) Etou needs to get over her sadistic behavior.

Although Etou is pretty hot, I wish that every episode would stop focusing on her having some sick sexual sadistic desire with Sai Akuto.  The first time was pretty messed up when we found out that she’s got a sibling-complex, but after the group orgy-thing she imagined a few episodes back, it’s getting really stupid to watch.  The tentacle-groping thing was also a bit out of place but it was to be expected after we saw the snail and the tentacles.  It wasn’t surprising to hear Itou Shizuka (seiyu) moaning seeing as she is in a decent amount of 18+ games/anime, but why did it have to be this show?

But she plays a slightly better role in this episode in the sense that she tries to help Akuto but ends up getting foiled by her own plan.  She initially tries to control the two-headed roaster monster but ends up almost becoming the chicken’s meal.  It was pretty funny to watch, but then it got all -______- ;; as the chicken started to rip off her clothes.  The explanation?  “The chicken is ripping of her ‘skin’ to eat her.”  That’s even stupider than the fact that she’s getting along with Peterhausen when her brother died to seal him.

(3) Braver versus Rodan

What happened to the “I’m going to be the Demon Lord’s loyal sidekick” sketch?  Now the biggest coward of the series turns out to be the most popular character by his ego?  Not to mention he gets some action from his favorite young idol after he saves her from the giant two-headed chicken.  I thought that the introduction of this Braver-outfit was a tribute as of last week that was supposed to remain only as last week.  Not we have a new character and the whole issue of not revealing your secret identity?  Didn’t Kickass teach us that being a superhero is incredibly hard and you’ll often get the sh*t beaten out of you?  Japan, I don’t understand your plots…

On the other hand, I thought that the monster had to be a tribute to Rodan, one of the giant monster next to Godzilla, except that it was two-headed.  Regardless or not whether my theory is correct, I thought it was a better monster compared to that giant radiating blob in last week’s episode, although it was disappointing to see that it was actually a pretty weak monster when Braver decapitated one of its heads and sliced it in half.

Speaking of odd, am I the only that noticed that the offspring of a giant tentacle octopus-snail monster was a two-headed giant chicken?  What the hell is going on?

(4) Other thoughts

On a side note, it’ll be interesting to see how the Akuto x Hattori marriage will work out.  I expect maybe two episodes to be devoted to this before Akuto is attack by government officials that last til the end of the series.  I wonder when Peterhausen will actually get a decent scene rather than with some perverted sadistic purple-haired girl?

"Korone, I need your help getting some of Keena's marijuana rice..."

3 Responses to “Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou episode eight”

  1. 24 May 2010 at 8:21 am

    Nice post, totally agree with you on Keena and her rice addiction..it is a bit strange…I can picture her rocking back and forth in a corner to put herself to sleep thanks to this addiction. And Etou needs to calm down as well lmao shes a great character but seems to be obsessive over something that will probably never ever happen between her and Sai, As for Hattori shes a decent character but kind of boring to me.

    But it appears the show is more about Sai and Hattori getting together anyway, or Keena but highly unlikely. Still hate Brave’s outfit so lame! and giant chicken from snail /facepalm no clue why that happened lol.

  2. 24 May 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Hahaha yes I can see her doing that too, lets go get high with rice!

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