Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou episode nine

Well, this had to be one of the better episodes of the series with a lot of religion, bad guys, blood, and monsters.  From last week we thought we would only get a simple Hattori-marriage filler, but we get much more through this excellent episode of confusion and chaos.

...and some blossoming love.

(1) Hattori Junko

From the beginning to the end of the episode, I couldn’t help but to feel more and more on Hattori’s side.  I thought that she was only getting psyched about the aspect of getting married, but you can see that she was actually taking it damn seriously.  It’s in this episode that we see that she really loves Sai Akuto and will be willing to become his wife, even though he may become the Demon Lord – in terms of offering her youthful body.  On top of it, that cute idol from the previous episode is her younger sister.  Damn you, Sai Akuto!

(2) Korone

While she doesn’t own akuto as much as she first used to, she still plays a comical yet crucial part to the series.  She helps Hattori throughout the episode, occasionally offering her punchlines and “help”.  It’s interesting to see Korone let herself get deactivated so that Akuto could help save Keena, showing her closeness towards him.  Interesting to see what she might be forced to do in the episodes to come – the old geezers’ side or Akuto’s new reign?

(3) Sai Akuto

Apart from trying to help Soga Keena towards the end, I think the episode was trying to antagonize our Demon Lord.  Then again, he is supposed to ruin the world so I have mixed feelings.  Apart from completely missing Hattori’s feelings and making her cry (much to the amusement of her households), he destroys.  Yes, he completely destroys.  How the hell do you maintain composure to forge a new arm when your old one is on the ground right in front of you?  And speaking of which, which class did he learn that from?  That’s our Demon Lord, forging new limbs for himself to save others…

"She took off her clothes! It wasn't me!"

(4) Soga/Etou/Teruya

These three girls are left out for most of the episode, except when involved in the whole assassination plot at the end.  Soga is supposed to get kidnapped by the handsome good guy” since Akuto is the “bad and evil” Demon Lord.  Etou finally learns to control monsters, much to Akuto’s gratitude (did I see that snail monster holding her panties?).  Teruya makes another appearance as a head of an opposing family against the Hattori clan, and in the need of seducing Sai Akuto.  Fail much?  Hopefully, these three ladies will play bigger roles in the conflicts to come.  Expect them ot, and I expect you viewers to vote for us here in our latest round.  It’s pretty close but we can pull through with your help.

"Happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me..."

I refrained myself from making a sex joke here.

"Kalen's Dagger of Escape! GODLIKE!"

1 Response to “Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou episode nine”

  1. 31 May 2010 at 4:48 am

    Yeah I was more on Hattori’s side too! she seemed to actually not mind the idea of getting married to Sai, but of course he is so dense he doesn’t pick up on it before its to late. And him growing a arm back I was like huh? what thats new,also his whole teliport and save the day skill.

    You got my vote in the tourney! good luck! seems close.

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