Angel Beats! episode nine

Otonashi shows his true colors as his past is revealed and he decides to team up with Angel.

I’m making him sound like the bad guy, but in all honesty, he somewhat is now since he promised Angel to help bring all the SSS members to accept their fates and disappear.  Of course, I would be on Angel’s side (can we just call her Kanade now?) since she’s damn cute, but Yuri has to win my popularity vote.   Sorry that this post is so late – school and DOTA/HoN have been taking up my time so my friends always want me to play (I mean, 15 kills, 0 deaths, 14 assists from Undying is pretty impressive, no?) but now, here is Angel Beats!

I wasn’t expecting an episode on Otonashi’s past since I thought he had died instantly from the train derailing.  However, it’s touching to see how he helped all the people to survive and even was brave enough to fill his organ donor card right before he passed away and the others were rescued.  Sad fate, but bad things happen to good people.  It was even sadder since he had done so much, perhaps even to receive an award for his heroism but he has to die as soon as they’re being rescued.  Tough.

Well, it’ll be interesting to see Otonashi turn against his bros and go with Angel to help everyone move on.  Even more interesting is how he’ll help Yuri to move on.  That’s the bad thing about this series – it only ends when everyone’s disappeared.   Interesting episode, not much happening, but you know something big is going to occur soon.  LOL at Yui’s comment that everyone sounds so much smarter.

"...I still don't understand why Ancient Apparition is so rigged!"


5 Responses to “Angel Beats! episode nine”

  1. 1 Poro
    1 June 2010 at 10:50 pm

    GO GO MAGINA FTW! Lol Undying? I have never been able to use Undying. He is really hard to use and he is so slow too :P. Lol a paradox of how the good guys are now actually the bad guys. Robots are awesome

  2. 2 June 2010 at 3:27 am

    I too was surprised that Otonashi got another episode talking about his past. I thought he died instantly in the crash and part of me wished he did so he didn’t suffer. But this way really shows what a kind person Otonashi is/was and how that strong heart will help the others out of this world.

    I wonder if the SSS members (minus Yuri) will even know what Otonashi is up to. Meaning will he help them pass on without them knowing (planning days that help come to terms with their past) and they will simply smile and poof. Yuri will be a harder case but we know Otonashi can do it! XD

  3. 2 June 2010 at 12:17 pm

    i’m afraid the SSS members will know Otonashi and Kanade’s mission and became hate him 😦

    it seems the next episode they will tell us about Yui’s past. maybe..
    but, the one that caught my attention is.. TK past ^^’

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