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Spiral’s asked me to cover him for B Gata H Kei this week which is funny because I said I wouldn’t be following this show at the beginning of the season. …But I am. At first I didn’t because the plot synopsis sounded so dumb, but after reading a few first episode reviews and first impression posts, and hearing that it was actually quite entertaining, I gave it a shot. And here we are, ten episodes later…


Poor Kosuda. Some things take more than ten episodes to progress…

I’ve invested quite a bit into the growing romance between the two main characters, as well as Yamada and Kosuda themselves. The side characters are enjoyable enough without being too annoying (except Misato, but I think she’s designed to be annoying). Originally I liked Kanejou Kyouka but her incestuous love for her brother just doesn’t sit well with me. So now I’ve classified her as crazy; pretty, but crazy. There isn’t any reason not to like her brother, Keiichi, though, haha.

I’m really, really glad Yamada’s turned Keiichi down several times now, because for the longest time, I’ve just felt bad for Kosuda. He’s suffered so much from Yamada’s indecisiveness, and taken so much of her forced icy disposition, that for a time, I really wanted Kosuda to get over her and move on to someone better. But to see her choose Kosuda the virgin over Keiichi the virgin means that there’s definitely something more to Kosuda than Yamada is willing to admit to herself – which is why she has friends like Takeshita to point it out to her. The highlight this episode for me was when Yamada said “I’m still on the way there” meaning that she was still on the way to liking Kosuda. Though she didn’t admit it out loud, she admitted it to herself which means she’s finally become aware that liking Kosuda is something she wants more than just sleeping with Kosuda.

But with the advancement (minor though it may be) of Yamada & Kosuda’s relationship, I sympathize for Miyano. It’s hard enough to be in love with someone who’s in love with someone else, but to have that person you like ask you for relationship advice? Blunt force trauma to the heart. I don’t expect much more of Kosuda though, because Miyano’s not very overt about her feelings nor is Kosuda the most… romantically observant guy around. She’s a good girl though and she will make someone a good wife. Maybe, in the end, since Yamada and Kosuda are going to end up together (because if they don’t, I’m going to break something), Keiichi will fall for Miyano!

Kyouka will probably fall into a coma that she’ll never wake from if that happens, but we can’t all be winners.

Despite her tactics and bold movements to steal Kosuda away from Yamada, Kyouka’s not succeeding. Presumably, she’s never had a boyfriend herself but there are some obvious signs that the guy you’re prowling is not interested – or perhaps is too confused to be interested. Take Kosuda’s expression, for example:

Not a good sign to continue with the seduction.

Though Kosuda was saved by Yamada (though chances are Yamada saved him not for his sake, but for her own pride) I doubt Kyouka will give up. Yamada’s lucky to have chosen a guy like Kosuda who’s loyal and slightly dense; Kosuda, on the other hand is lucky that he’s dense, otherwise he’d realized that his feelings and pride have been trampled on by two of the most popular girls in his school.



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