k-on!! episode ten

Best episode EVER. And not just because there was more Mugi this episode which was awesome too since I heart Mugi. Everything we look for in K-On!! we got – and it’s about bloody time!

With the focus more on Sawa-sensei this episode I was originally disappointed since it’s past due for some Mugi-centrality, but I didn’t stay disappointed for long. Once Christina aka Norimi was introduced things just went from good to great. Watching Norimi play around with Gitah was a thing of beauty; not only was her tune pleasant, but she displayed a level of talent we haven’t seen on the show yet – and possibly never will. Presumably Norimi hasn’t been playing the guitar professionally if at all considering her comment on feeling nostalgic just plucking away on Yui’s guitar. I guess for some people, no matter how out of practice you are or how much time you’ve spent away from something you love, you never really lose it.

As for Sawa-sensei herself, we’ve seen her play once: at the yearend concert in place of Yui in Season One. This time around, she plays with her old band (Death Devil) and in a manner that’s more akin to her soul. After making a dramatic entrance onto the stage, she puts forth a little effort (probably out of irritation for how badly Yui kept screwing up which most likely wasn’t on purpose, but we can’t expect her to learn something like that overnight and just through audio… though some people are really good at that) and shreds the hell out of Gitah. (A note to guitar purists: Forgive me if I misused the term “shred” in my last sentence. I’m sure you can tell that I don’t play.) Considering not just the difference in skill, but the difference in style, Death Devil’s performance was a treat. It was also nice to see Sawa-sensei be true to herself as opposed to always keeping up her “pretty teacher” facade – which is unaffected by her head banging, hoarse throated display of musical talent anyhow.

The other plus from this episode was plain clothes pushed to the extreme (and therefore more like costumes) and Mugi screen time. Sure our girls didn’t play this time around, but to see them dressed up heavy metal style was more than enough to make up for their lack of music – this episode. There’s no excuse for all those other episodes we were left music-less (though after reviewing the last season, K-On! doesn’t play music more than they do); I wouldn’t consider last week’s remix as proper music either.

But oh my, Mugi~! She’s my darling of the show which is sad because we don’t see very much of her. At least we got more fluffy Mugi character in on the sides of this episode, doing things for the sake of life experience. Generally, children of wealth are stereotyped to be spoiled and having experienced everything worth experiencing, but here we have Mugi who is down-to-earth in the sense that she doesn’t flaunt her family’s affluence and takes great joy in the simple things that “middle-class” society takes for granted. Things like ganmodoki (which according to CoalGuys is pseudo-goose) and getting kicked out of class for misbehaving.

I’m getting the feeling that we’re never really going to have a Mugi-centric episode, but knowing that she still has her vocal debut coming is fair compensation. Three more episodes left to the season, one of which is dedicated to how hot the summer is… apparently.

(Bonus: If you liked the guy playing the K-On guitar cover, then here’s one more – but click at your own discretion: Amazing bassist plus pantsu flash. You have been warned!)


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  1. 1 Jo
    10 June 2010 at 9:29 am

    I though K-On!! was 24-26 episodes this time.

  2. 10 June 2010 at 10:07 am

    At first I was like MOG A CHRISTINA…then I realized it was a stage name and I had a bit of sad face. But I did like that Norimi embraced her love of music. I feel bad for Sawako for hiding that side of her away for the sake of protecting her (fake) persona at school.

    The bride and groom were too cute!!! I just want to hug and squeeze them.

    I do like that there was more Mugi this episode. She really got into the spying game. And she was special. It was not my high school dream to get punished and sent the hallway but I am not Mugi. Plus her doing that made it cute.

    And music?! An episode with music?! Pick me off the floor. This episode was great. XD

  3. 6 Yi
    11 June 2010 at 7:27 pm

    One of the best episodes ever for me too. Mugi was great, the costumes were great, and Sawako was incredible. Throughout every episode in the past, I’ve hated her. I never really like glasses, and I hate any comedic scenes with her (they’re not funny). But when she showed her cool rocking side, my heart melted. She was so awesome!

    Also, I really liked the punkrock cuteness combination among the K-On! girls. The clothes were adorable.

    • 12 June 2010 at 5:39 am

      I totally agree. Sawa-sensei was always borderline unecessary to me, but this episode made me warm up to her more – not that I want her to be more prominent going forward, but at least we saw her good side (which ironically is her “dark” hardcore rocker side, haha).

  4. 8 kaza
    13 June 2010 at 5:57 am

    Hey… 🙂 … I know its been decades but I was wonderin if you still remember me?

  5. 9 kaza
    13 June 2010 at 5:58 am

    I forgot to check the “notify Box” …so here’s another FTW!…XD

  6. 11 kaza
    14 June 2010 at 11:26 am

    Haha… great! I never forgot about you guys either! I don’t know if you or anyone sent me messages thru hotmail but I haven’t been able to get into my email because it got hacked somehow… <:( …so I made a new one! its cazabruno@hotmail.com .. k? It's almost exactly like my last one but not my full last name… 🙂 creative huh? So yea, made a new blog to… don't really have any purpose to it yet… but I'm just gonna be putting up anything that pops up in life…

    So yea.. I see you're blogging as pretty as ever! Great Job btw… I've always admired your spunk, XD… i'm not sure if you want to continue our conversation thru this comment so just hit me up with an email and I'll be sure to answer… 🙂

    take care!

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