B Gata H Kei episode eleven

After Blindability graciously took this series last week, I finally took the time to review this episode as I was amazed at the turn of events that seemed to happen.  From nearly doing nothing for the past ten episodes, Yamade lets Kosuda strip her down and if it weren’t for Kanejou, these two people would’ve had done it.  Yes, and strangely enough, that seems to be the highlight of the series.

The episode takes a leap into time as we already arrive at the NEXT Christmas, in which Kanejou invites her class to her house to ‘party’ with high society.  Needless to say, the interactions were pretty funny as well as the commentary by the “only-here-for-the-food” teacher capped off on an interesting background that led to the moment between Kosuda and Yamada.  It’s pretty freaky how Kanejou has a painting of herself in every room of the house with cameras in the eyes, but it’s too be expected.  Speaking of which, it was a damn big house and I was laughing as megane-girl got lost and eventually wounded up in the secret incestual-brother-loving room towards the end of the episode.

More importantly, half the episode focused on the bed scene with Kosuda and Yamada.  And although they did not complete full circle, Kosuda got to undress her top, which is a sure sign to him that Yamada actually likes him.  This is good, because for the whole series he was simply confused about Yamada’s feelings.  In Yamada’s case, she did not just rush into her first experience.  This is also good, because for the whole series she was a dirty sex-depriving… person.  It was disappointing to see that the episode ended simply with the removal of the top, but the date in next week’s episode should cover a lot.  My theory is that Yamada will finally realize that sex is nothing without love… or something incredibly cheesy like that.

Perhaps the best episode to date, or maybe it was just the episode with the best conclusion.  Yamada and Kosuda are going to eventually, and both of them know it.  It’s a great step in the story because both of them gained courage to actually do what they want to do.  Bravo, and let’s see how this series finishes (no pun intended).


1 Response to “B Gata H Kei episode eleven”

  1. 14 June 2010 at 3:18 am

    I wouldn’t call it “cheesy” the realization that sex without love is not nice – this is precisely the direction this anime is going I think. But then again, I consider myself an idealist when it comes to this!

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