Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou episode eleven

Where did the epic episode go from last time?

Perhaps it was just me, but I felt that this episode failed to exceed expectations as led off from the previous episode.  Yes, we saw the epic war start between the government and Sai Akuto, but this episode capped a fairly disappointing ending to the fight even when they did skip the epic OP [Realove; Realife].  At least it’s good to know that the actually decent enemies will be saved for the final showdown.

Sai Akuto vs. ???

He didn’t appear in this episode except for the end where he uses his mana to break free from the ship’s wreckage.  Perhaps his absence is what caused the episode to feel a little less epic.  Maybe.

Student Council vs. Hattori Junko / Teruya Family

If there was a focus on this episode, it had to be on the Student Council, namely the President.  If she had magical powers, it would just be physical superhuman powers.  She can stretch her limbs like rubber, and that’s not the top of it.  Her attack resembled that of Luffy’s (One Piece), and I was disappointed to see many copies of moves that Luffy would do.  Yet, the whole episode seemed to focus on her assault through the lines to get all the way to Teruya.  And when she finally did, they were stopped by the Puppet-Man (who might’ve been a puppet) and we’ll leave the action for the next episode.

Etou vs. Massichist Black Humanoid Being

That was a weird fight – I mean, Etou having a whip as her main weapon was sad enough, but the MBHB enjoying was even weirder.  It wasn’t much of a fight, after Soga Keena got kidnapped in the middle of the fight, but it was satisfying to see Etou finish off her enemy with liquid nitrogen.  The bottom half runs away, but it’s still an awkward ending to an interesting fight.

But ultimately in the end, a fairly disappointing episode and the arrival of Teruya’s craziness did not help in the end.  The art was a bit toned down and the characters seemed so shallow in the end.  At least Hattori Junko is professing her love in words and betrays the good team.  Braver had that middle scene with Yui, but it wasn’t that great… or new.

1 Response to “Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou episode eleven”

  1. 14 June 2010 at 6:53 am

    Can tell someone doing this show loves One piece with the pres character, A whole episode without Sai made this feel like a different anime this week. Still wonder what Keena is a robot? a alien? but either way kind of looking forward to seeing how it ends, or if they set up for another season?

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