Durarara 19 and 20 + 21: Rewind

Episode 20 seemed like watching a re-montage of 19.  Yeah we see enough actions considering that they are just built up episodes to the final showdown.  Before we begin a few service announcements:  League of Legends is pretty legit.  Just DotA is much more legit.  ICCUP is the way to go.  Onward.

I wonder why we never write  episode summaries anymore.  Just recently, I have realized how important they are.  They not only refresh the person’s mind of the episode but also bring in new viewers interested in the anime.  Thus…


Episode 19

Kida and his gang detect Anri, wearing a black outfit.  Kida and his gang look for the trespasser.  Anri hides in a nook and Kida almost finds out about Anri.  Celty comes to the rescue after an SOS call from Anri.  Celty makes a getaway from Anri.  Anri and Celty both use their powers, and the Yellow Scarves begin to suspect the Dollars.

Episode 20

Kida goes to consult the Otaku gang and Izaya.  The Otaku gang says the obvious: We will own you if you try to fight us.  Kadota points out that Kida doesn’t have much control over his gang.  Izaya reveals that Mikado is the leader of Dollars, a fact that the crummy bastard promised not to reveal.

Episode 21

Anri runs around trying to tell her “children” aka mindless zombies to prevent fights.  The Yellow Scarves catch on and they decide to rape her while Kida tries to deny that Anri is the Slasher.  Anri gets surrounded by Yellow Scarves led by this one kid named Horoda who apparently knows Izaya.  Mikado meanwhile realizes how powerless he is and manages to boost the moral of his fellow gangmates.  Then, he finds out that Anri is getting assualted.  He tries to tell himself that it isn’t Anri, in attempt to cool himself down.


Colorless no Chikara

Remember back when we first heard of the dollars.  How it lacked a head similar to 4chan.  How it had a kind of account system like any free online PC game site which needs a username and passcode.   So, someone by the name of Gargron decides to make a real life dollars group.  Quite interesting indeed.  For a time, people joined and the numbers increase rapidly until it started to slow down and lose its momentum.   For a while, even I forgot that I was part of the Colorless.  Then one day, as I passed the hallways of my imprisonment ornamented with bright neon green or pink flyers about sports and over-the-summer activities.  I saw an unfamiliar color on screens in my grey world: gray, black, and white.  The design was familiar as if I had painted with it before.  Before, my conscious mind knew the answer.  I had already asked how she knew of the Colorless.  She told me the answer.  For the first time, I felt like I had influence as a blogger.  Quite fascinating how the small things in life impact us in closer ways than we suspect.

Black Queen

Who is this black queen that we see reference to in the past 2 episodes.   Anri?  as episode 21 implies.  Or Celty? as episodes 19 and 20 imply.

So yeah… I am a slacker oh well sux for you guys.

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