Anime for the Sake of Anime: Amaenaideyo!!

Amaenaideyo!!/Amaenaideyo!! Katsu!! – “Hatanaka Ikko, a 16 year old boy, is a first year trainee at the Saienji Buddhist Temple. He was sent there by his parents to be trained by his grandmother, the Saienji Priestess. At the temple he finds himself surrounded by beautiful female priestesses-in-training. Upon seeing a girl naked, Ikko has the ability to turn into a super-monk, performing massive exorcisms for the good of the temple.”

Why You Would Watch It: Apart from the summary, it’s a really fan-servicing show.   Yes, I am not disclosing any photos of any fighting scenes but all you have to know is that Ikko is really unreliable usually until some unsatisfied ghost wants to haunt something/someone, one of the girl strips (unwillingly) so that Ikko gets super-charged and saves the day.  That’s how the series develops as each ghost revolves around one of the girl’s issue before the final issue revolves around Chitose (red hair – heroine)’s love towards Ikko.  It’s a funny anime but there’s a lot being revealed.  You can take it as a really fanservice anime show, or you can see it as a comedy with a lot of sex jokes.

Why You Wouldn’t Watch It: As expected, every girl has some special trait whether it’s talking to animals, being superactive, controlling demons who use fire, or the whatnot.  Ikku has to find a problem with every one of them .  It gets cheesy, predictable, and not too mention way to revealing with every single girl.  Plus, Ikku always ends up defeating every single ghost/enemy the same way.

Final Verdict:I would watch it if you can enjoy sexually-comic shows that you will probably only end up watching once but will remember.  There are two seasons (thirteen episodes each) and the second season features a new girl (heroine) Kazuki, who ends up being a super power monk who can actually work next to Ikko.  Consider the other girls as useless, and watch it for its cheesiness.  Plus, Mai Nakahara plays the role of Chitose.  Her other known parts are Nagisa from Clannad and more recently, Otonashi’s sister from Angel Beats!


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