GIANT KILLING! episode 9~11

I was planning to do a Nagoya vs. ETU post because I was expecting the match to be a double-episoder but it’s at its third and only in the second half.  That being said, I’ll finally do this post… in the middle of World Cup.  Of course, that means I also get to talk about the World Cup.

ETU vs. Nagoya


What does ETU have?  Apart from straight consecutive defeats, they supposedly have the new sensational manager Tatsumi against ETU’s old manager.  No sensational players apart from Gino leading the attack, and youngster Takatsuki in the midfield.  Changes from the straight defeats can defined by mentality – the players have gained a winning mentality, especially the defenders so aptly episode nine demonstrated.  How they are going to lock down against Nagoya will be difficult.  They have not been able to perform against any attack Nagoya as they have consistently been bombarded by continuous Nagoya attacks.


Continuous victories for the first five games, Gran Palace has its thanks to former-ETU manager Fuwa but more importantly, the three Brazilians.  As demonstrated by episode ten, they have freestyle skills and a love for football.  Unfortunately, they have not been able to score against a tight ETU defense, but is it only time before Ze Roberto, Carlos, and Pepe find an opening?

Final score?  1-0.  Obviously ETU will win.  Otherwise, Tatsumi can find himself a new job.

World Cup 2010

I’m South Korean, and being the ‘weakest’ team in the group, I find myself at the top of the group after beating Greece 2-0 and after Argentina only beat Nigeria 1-0.  As my next opponent is against Argentina this Thurseday (8:30 pm local time), I can’t feel a ETU-Nagoya feeling coming on.  As a loyal supporter of my country, the Reds will go on to get rid Argentina.  Messi teams don’t win.


3 Responses to “GIANT KILLING! episode 9~11”

  1. 1 BoozerX
    17 June 2010 at 12:27 am

    from an Argentinian

  2. 3 Paucius
    18 June 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Do you realize that South Korea could go against Mexico in the next round ?
    Hope both teams pass, by the way, today Mexico beat France and for almost two hours the country stop to see the game.

    Viva Mexico

    Best sport ever !!!!!!!!

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