B Gata H Kei episode twelve (final)

Well, I have to say that this was one of the more pleasant surprises this season.

One anime features incest between two sisters and their step-brother and another one shows a girl who lusts for 100 sex partners.  Truthfully, both sound a bit stupid but B Gata H Kei has shown its true color as a comedy with light adult-themes constantly popping up in the middle.  This episode featured where last episode left off, and Yamada tries to have sex with Kosuda in (1) a love hotel (2) the hospital and (3) his bathroom.  The hotel one was a bit weird and I think it was the closest effort from the three.  Although Kosuda ends up breaking his leg somehow, Yamada is still determined to nurse him back to health as a sexy nurse.  Noice Yamada.  When that fails, we skip to the New Year’s party and Yamada decides to take a bath at Kosuda’s place with him.  Even noicer Yamada.

But on a more serious note, this anime was much better than I had even thought it would be and it pleasantly surprised me throughout the entire story.  I could argue that the role of Kanejou and her family was unnecessary but I guess they were extra characters for the element of humor.  Every character in this series, other than that, was fun and hilarious to listen to with their own relationship problems but now we can safely say that Yamada and Kosuda are officially a couple and going out… while trying to find time to have sex on the side.  LOL at the scene where both of them are watching a porno.

Final Impressions: 8.0/10.0

Consistently funny and with a new episode take each time, this series has become one of the funnier yet conflicting anime series to deal with relationships over this season.  Consistently good.  Not brilliant, but good.  And sometimes, that’s what makes a series great.

2 Responses to “B Gata H Kei episode twelve (final)”

  1. 19 June 2010 at 8:19 am

    Not to bad of a series, last episode seems to be either A: setting up for another season or B: just ends there. This was a great show almost every episode had me laughing at the insane jokes and Yamada being her usual self lol..

  2. 19 June 2010 at 6:00 pm

    I’d agree this series was consistently good. I really didn’t expect to enjoy it so much, but I’m glad that I did end up checking this one out. There were so many laughs even though Yamada’s initial intent was to have sex with 100 people. The characters were enjoyable from Chika (who has a harem of guys) to Kanejou (with her brother obsession).

    It was interesting to get a look at a tsundere from the girl’s point of view. I mean if we saw things completely from Kosuda’s side that’s pretty much what it would have felt like. Besides it was nice to see the growth of Yamada and Kosuda’s relationship right to them both really trying to actually have sex. Time really past in this series and I kind of wonder how things will go down the road for that couple.

    Liked the OP/ED and really every week was enjoyable with this show.

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