GIANT KILLING! episode twelve


Did you ever doubt Tsubaki?  There’s a reason why he’s number seven and it’s thanks to Manager Tatsumi for finding the defensive gap in Nagoya to prepare the counter-attack.  Just because they’re Brazilian doesn’t mean that they’re gods, and it’s ETU to take the lead in a surprising but perhaps deserving manner.  The only problem is – can they hold their lead for the final fifteen minutes while Nagoya prepares a tactical change?

For a Brazilian, Carlos is sure complaining a lot just because he can’t get the ball to ZeRoberto.  Of course, I found this scene highly unrealistic that two players can have a two-minute conversation in the middle of the field in the middle of the game.  Of course, it helped when the Nagoya defender shouted for both of them to get back in the game.  Good players, regardless, don’t stand around and talk in the middle of the game, let alone complain that they’re not enjoying this game.  But in a sense, I guess we should thank Carlos for moving forward so that Tsubaki could score.

Classic locker-room scene but it reminds me of my locker room at school.  Of course, the level of playing would be totally different compared from here and then but it’s cool to see that the animators actually considered a realistic-looking locker room that fit the tone of the series.

It was quite a touching scene when Tsubaki remembers what Tatsumi said to him about having the chance to show his skill.  I guess that moment has struck and we can expect Tsubaki to score more after this crucial goal raised his confidence.  My face looked like that too when I first scored my first.  Ahhhh there is no better feeling in the world than scoring a goal in soccer in front of your home fans.  Tsubaki has yet to score at home so we’ll see his celebration a bit later.

You’ve won the captain and Mr. ETU’s approval.  Now you can rest in peace.

Being the better team and being down a goal isn’t pleasant.  I remember every time we went down to an easy team, we would yell at each other to focus and concentrate, which usually means just shouting “OY!!!”, “COMEON!!”, and “AREYOUSHITITTTTTINGME!?”.  Haha but we would always win in the end, so it was all good.  I doubt the same can be said for Nagoya and its a league format, so they’ll still probably be first even if they lose this game.  Come to think of it, ETU could still probably be last place.  HAHAHA lol irony.

Can ETU hold on?  That’s for next time.

3 Responses to “GIANT KILLING! episode twelve”

  1. 1 luffyluffy
    23 June 2010 at 12:15 am

    I cheered at my computer when Tsubaki scored, full out cheered and I don’t even like soccer. GO TSUBAKI!!

  2. 23 June 2010 at 3:14 pm

    Great episode. Even I didnt think Tatsumi had a plan like this up his sleave. Its going to be a very intense last 15 though.

    Caption for the pic with Murakoshi & Tsubaki: “That will do pig. That will do.” (from Babe)

    And its Zelberto not ZeRoberto.

  3. 3 BoozerX
    23 June 2010 at 9:56 pm

    Check Veron Messi conversation of like 30 seconds in Argentina match yesterday.
    Vamos Argentina.

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