arakawa under the bridge episode eleven

It was kind of funny to see Recruit getting nervous about Shiro-san looking over his business proposal to counter his father’s development plans because, despite being a former white collared worker,  Shiro-san was probably the one person Recruit had the least amount of respect for after likening him to a metaphorical leech – and then being likened to him. I think Recruit should make the walking stones white for better accessibility for Shiro-san; he’s been quite helpful in his designer suit.

(And my apologies for being really late with this review.)

I wasn’t surprised when Recruit offered to leave the riverbank, thinking that his father would stop his plans to overturn the area if he ceased to live Under the Bridge. I was pleased to see that he didn’t just do that though because it wouldn’t have been a fitting ending for Arakawa thus far. Plus it was nice to see some passion and fighting spirit coming from him and Nino, one stating that she (Nino) wanted to live Under the Bridge with him (Recruit), and he (Recruit) more or less promising that he wouldn’t let anything happen to their home or their community.

You would think an over-sized bear wandering along a public riverbank (holding an unusual looking honey pot) might draw more attention than a foreign man wearing a nun’s outfit, but then again, just like that mother and child who passed along on top of the bridge a few weeks back, I’m sure the majority of the public is more likely to turn a blind eye to the oddness that occurs in public spaces (especially considering the social implications of “living under a bridge”). I almost wish Sister was allowed to shoot those land surveyors; ten seconds is mighty impressive and three seconds would certainly be a sight to see. The Mayor commented that Sister looked cute in the bear costume; I think Sister looks good every other day of the week in his normal nun garb. I know it’s of no great importance, and some quirks are best left unexplained, but I wonder why he wears a nun’s outfit. Considering the wore male soldier clothing in his past (as shown in his flash back of when he first met Maria), and was seemingly okay with being put in a designer men’s suit when Takai first found Recruit Under the Bridge, I wouldn’t think that he finds it a necessity to wear women’s clothing all the time. Maybe the nuns clothing allows for more hidden weaponry to be kept on his person…

It was sweet to see Nino stuff fish down “Recruit’s” throat. It’s even sweeter when you learn that Recruit had asked Nino to have fish ready for him when he returns after spending a week back in the concrete jungle of the corporate world. I felt bad for the contractor who tried to go back to work but unfortunately ran into Nino, Star, and Stella who mistook him for Recruit. Sure the contractor looked like Recruit (plus freckles) but after spending all that time with Recruit (a year? Really?) you’d think they’d know him a little better. Let’s just hope they were so excited to see him because they missed him so much, they just didn’t notice until later that the contractor was in fact, not Recruit. That or maybe Recruit is incredibly generic looking and they wouldn’t be able to pick him out of a crowd if they had to.

The loneliness Nino feels after being a part from Recruit for just three days can be understood by anyone who’s been in a long distance relationship – or anyone who’s been separated from a loved one for three days and not enjoyed it. It’s a nice way to show how their relationship has grown over all this time. It also goes to show that no matter how much time you spend with Nino (or how much she likes you), if you leave, she’ll forget what you look like after three days.

Unsurprising that in the end it comes down to Recruit having to actually make contact with his father. It was so funny when the number Recruit called was the public time service. But hadn’t he called him once before? Did he not remember that it was a phony number? Or is it that he was so nervous he didn’t get the right number? Anyway, I’m honestly surprised that Recruit didn’t grow up to be a colder, more removed person after being raised by a man who didn’t mind his son calling him anytime under the condition that he has a good enough reason to take up his time. (And he might not have even given his son his real number!) I really wonder what happened to Recruit’s mother though; did she die shortly after giving birth to him? How many years did he spend with her? Is she dead, or is she separated/divorced from Recruit’s father? I honestly doub we’ll ever learn the truth of this, but at least we’ll find out next week if he actually gets in contact with his father.

I say that even though “next week” is this week, and Episode Twelve has already been released. And I’ve watched it… Let’s pretend this is last week…


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