arakawa under the bridge episode twelve

Wishing on a shooting star (or two for that matter) has never been more entertaining.

I admit I have no idea what the opening shared monologue narrated by Nino and Recruit means. I didn’t know what it meant last week and I don’t know what it means this week. The only thing I can deduce from it is that Nino needs Recruit just as much as he needs her – if not a little more. It reminds us of the mystery that Nino is, asking the question: Who is Nino? Or perhaps better-phrased as who she was. Well whoever she is, was, and wherever she came from, one thing is clear: She and Recruit are going to stay together forever.

Yes it sounds cheesy but Recruit and Nino’s relationship has been refreshingly different from the typical romantic build-up between a main boy and main girl. We were reminded, however, by Recruit’s father (Ichinomiya Seki) that when it comes to relationships, there are some recurring themes, questions, and concerns that aren’t easily escaped. As he thinks back to his own (past/broken) relationship, he warns and challenges his son about the ever-growing weight of bearing a great love (or so that’s how my hopeless romantic heart has interpreted it).

Which brings me back to Recruit’s mother. Or whoever it is that Seki has a picture of in that locket of his. Did an illness strip him of his love? Was he incapable of bearing the burden of a time, energy, and emotionally-consuming relationship? Was the relationship too straining for him as he pursued a successful business? With so many questions left swimming in my head I wonder if any of them will really be answered in the last remaining episode of the season.

There’s also some speculation that, with the main conflict more or less tidily wrapped up in this episode, the next and final episode will be more nonsensical and unrelated to the main plotline. I certainly hope not but if it was all jokes it still wouldn’t be half bad since Arakawa Under the Bridge is considered a comedy. What I’m really hoping for, though, is some sort of announcement for a second season…!

The beautiful thing about the resolution of Ichinomiya versus Ichinomiya is that Recruit didn’t win and neither did his father. They both lost. And the situation was resolved with neither of them making contact with each other, though they each had every intention to confront the other. While it might be somewhat anti-climactic of an ending to the drama of Recruit’s issues with his dad and their literal battle for land, I found it quite fitting. A face to face confrontation might be too much for this one episode to handle, and might have seemed rushed if it had to be wrapped up by the next. The weight of Recruit’s relationship with his father (and vice versa) took many episodes to explore and, in my opinion, is too heavy to carry in an episode or two alone, especially when we’re talking about some sort of compromise and/or closure between the two. Frustrating for some, but I’m definitely at peace with this conclusion.

Does anyone else think this was the Mayor? I’m probably pointing out the obvious, but I think it was the Mayor. Curious especially considering the deep debt that Sister had mentioned he owed the Mayor not too long ago. Maybe the Mayor is actually an important political figure who helped smuggle Sister into the country, also providing him with a place to live with minimal worry. Or perhaps the Mayor is pretending to be the minister’s ancestor, thus commandeering him and his office when it suits his needs. What…? Don’t tell me you can’t see that happening.

And there’s no way I could ignore this picture:

(I’m pretty sure Sister isn’t left-handed, though I wouldn’t put it past him to be ambidextrous with a gun.)

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  1. 24 June 2010 at 6:52 pm

    I agree with what you said about the refreshingly different development that Ric X Nino has shown. But what I really want to comment on is that picture of Sister. It is simply AWESOME that they show both bullets and cookies flying around.

    I’m really glad I watched this series.

    • 2 blindability
      25 June 2010 at 12:08 am

      I didn’t see the cookies! Didn’t think that picture could get any better, but it just did.

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