GIANT KILLING! episode thirteen

ETU rounded up a sensational day with a brilliant performance by their number 7 Tsubaki. Tsubaki had pounced the volley from close-range on a counterattack before dribbling through the heart of the Nagoya defense before losing the ball to a prepared Gino who easily closed from just outside the box. Click link to read the full report.

Man of the Match: Tsubaki – Over the past months ample evidence has been provided that the new recruit is more than capable of determining the outcome of a game, and in Nagoya he once again proved decisive. It was his first goal that brought ETU towards victory and his sensational run towards the end of the second half that set up Gino for the second goal. A truly marvelous performance as we shall be expecting more from this kid.

ETU Verdict: Tatsumi shows his worth as manager after a string of defeats by dispatching current season leaders Nagoya. Not only was he going against the current leaders but also against three Brazilians, a feat we know to be extremely challenging. Maybe if they were Dutch he would’ve lost the game (reference to World Cup). But there still is a long season ahead and it remains uncertain where ETU can keep up this form.

Nagoya Verdict: It looks as if they were on the way to another sweeping victory and against ETU, of all teams. However, their flawed defense without Carlos proved deadly as ETU scored on the counter attack. After Tsubaki’s goal, they never really looked as they would get back in the game. Defeat in this manner will surely ensure their manager is savaged by a hostile press. A campaign that promised so much is stopped by the weakest of teams.

LOL at Pepe

Could Do Better: the three Brazilians and the Nagoya striker – You would perhaps expect more magic from Brazilians rather than just being the center of each play. Carlos had failed to defend against Tsubaki’s run and Zelberto/Pepe failed to link up with each other and their striker to put the ball into the net like they characteristically do. However, they should not hang their heads in shame for if Nagoya win the title, it will have been because of these three Brazilians. The Nagoya striker, on the other hand, look desperate to score.

Stat Attack: It’s Tatsumi’s first win as a manager.  Perhaps the players will have more trust in him now after he lead the victory through his tactics.  Are we witnessing the birth of a new ETU?


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