GIANT KILLING! episode fourteen

Sadly enough, this isn’t the best soccer on television right now.

Synopsis first – it’s basically the post-Nagoya episode and the pre-Sepporo episode… at the same time. While ETU players and fans are estatic about the shock victory over Nagoya masterminded by Tatsumi, everyone is doing their best to prepare for the future. The episode focuses on three aspects: the fans, the players, and Yuri. Goro and Shiege are trying to revive their old club spirit and cheer team again but aren’t having the best of luck as it seems that many of thier friends have either outgrown soccer and/or don’t have time because they have familes. That, of course, is complete bullsh*t since there are millions of people all over the world who support clubs and go to games yet work and maintain families. If you ask me, it’s because these people have no real love for soccer. Once a fan, always a fan.

The players are continuously training despite the fact that they have a game against Sepporo the very next day. I’ll assume it’s been about a week since the Nagoya victory since that’s how game schedules work, but it’s interesting to see what Tatsumi will do to the team to help them get revenge against Sepporo who beat them last time. Not only that, the ETU players will have a winning mentality and will carry that to the next match, yet they will have to be careful not to let their heads get in over them. Tsubaki looks like he’s gotten some highschool female fans – he’s just out of highschool so I guess the age difference is nothing.  That aside, since the series has already focused on Tsubaki I’m not expecting anything more special about it.   We’ll probably end up focusing on Sera up top since the preview shows a lot of him.

Yuri is probably the biggest of the three focuses of this episode – she works consistently to try and up ETU’s image.  It’s questionable whether or not she overworks herself but lo and behold, she collapses from exhaustion.  After waking up to Tatsumi epic face, she is sent home to rest, only to come back and take a picture of Tatsumi.  Turns out that she was a big fan of him when he was a player.  She tells him about his debut where he turned the 0-1 game into 2-1 in extra time, but I guess he doesn’t really care.  I like the romantic air they put between these two, although it would be kinda weird to have Tatsumi (manager) x Yuri (ETU President’s daughter).   Ah well, if Sergio Aguero can marry his national coach’s daughter, then nothing surprises anymore.  Hopefully something can form between these two by the last episode.

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