Kimi no Iru Machi chapter 94+ 95

Let’s start off with a news flash – despite having to blog nearly half the summer 2010 anime season by myself as the other members of Team Zero are on holiday, I will continue to blog this manga. Some of you doubted that I would continue this series due to the anime load but in truth, this is perhaps one of my more favorite series to blog if not my favorite. “So why haven’t you blogged chapter 94 separately last week instead of doing a double post this week if you ‘love’ this series so much?” – good point, I don’t know why. Maybe I was expecting something epic to conclude the events after chapter 94 into chapter 95. And it turns out I might’ve been wrong.

Chapter 94

Beef Stroganoff Trap

Much like chapter 93 with the egg chapter, this chapter basically focused on Haruto’s attempt to be friends with Eba again. This time, Kazama and Eba aren’t expecting Haruto to come because his absence, but Haruto shows up with some beef stroganoff and some potatoes. Wow, apart from the food looking exactly like the airplane food I had almost a week ago, it looks pretty… bad (sorry Kouji-san). Regardless, the food turns out to be really good and I was actually surprised at Haruto’s desire to become a professional chef – he is really taking it seriously. I hope he didn’t have to barge into the cooking club for two days to make that beef, but knowing his carefree behavior these days, I wouldn’t have been surprised. The chapter ends with Eba smiling and things are looking steadily better for Haruto.

Chapter 95

Because You Think It

Undoubtedly, this chapter revealed a lot of things but it was slow-moving at the same time. First off, we get introduced to yet another one of Kazama’s friends – Kiyomi Asakura, childhood buddies. Frankly, she look like a _____________ but I can see that she is getting desperate and slightly pissed off to save Kazama’s life… possibly. When faced with the choice having an possible life-saving operation, Kazama disagrees with it and Asakura blames it on his new girlfriend Eba. Well, the next day when they all meet up… *SMACK* damn that woman knows how to use her hands (heh heh). While Asakura wants Kazama to go through with the operation, Eba just says he should decide on his own. And you know why she says that? Because she obviously wants Kazama to die so that she doesn’t have to be his boyfriend – she only dated him to look scary later. Scenario: “Eba, what if your ex finds out?” – and Eba could reply, “Don’t wory – my ex is DEAD.” Damn, dunno if that made a lot of sense but in short, she loves Haruto.


5 Responses to “Kimi no Iru Machi chapter 94+ 95”

  1. 6 July 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Well I think Asakura’s actions to be a bit in the extreme. I mean it’s understandable she is really upset with the prospect of losing her friend (and probably the guy she likes). Still the key is that the operation is a long shot one. It’s not like Kazama is turning down some 95% success rate operation here. Of course Asakura can suggest it since it isn’t her life on the line.

    Besides I think the one Asakura should be more angry with is Kazama. Clearly he doesn’t want to have the operation since it’s just lose-lose from his point of view. Either he dies and loses his remaining time with Eba or he lives and she leaves since he just guilted her into dating him due to his illness. The only bond they really have is that illness.

    Obviously Eba has some blame here. If Kazama wasn’t dying she wouldn’t have gone out with him. I’m not sure exactly how he approached her, but it must have been pretty well done. She probably has some negative feelings towards Kazama, even if it was her choice to date him if he wasn’t around she would be with Haruto right now.

    Curious to see the aftermath of that slap.

    • 2 SPIRAL
      6 July 2010 at 6:29 pm

      Asakura’s personality is probably like that – being a motherly type perhaps.
      And in short with Eba x Kazama… F* Kazama.

      I bet Kazama’s going to go through with the operation but die. Eba’s crying and grief will take one whole chapter, Haruto’s memories of Kazama will be another chapter, and getting together will be two chapters. Possibly.

  2. 3 maximus459
    7 July 2010 at 10:48 pm

    Umm.. Isn’t supposed to be chapters 94+95?

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