K-ON!! episode fourteen

I was sitting at my secret undisclosed location of Team Zero’s headquarters yesterday mapping out how to blog this season’s anime when blindability had showed up.   With good news, she had reported that Poro was indeed a lot stronger than before and was taking on the twenty-limbed monster with somewhat better luck than Brian and Loba.  She would be back on the desk work with me but needed some time to rest – she had been leading the frontline infantry with a Dragunov and ammo cache, picking off the monster’s minions.  Regardless, she had needed some time off and I was faced with a three-letter acronym that I had enjoyed myself: K-ON!!

So for the time being, I’ll be covering K-ON!! while blindabilty gets her things settled down.  Yes, blindabilty and I have different writing styles and I’m sorry if you came to this page expecting some of blindabilty’s reactions than mine.  But you’re here, so might as well read it.

First off, new opening!  Certainly, the first opening was annoying as hell with the little hamster voices and the unncessary character introductions (I mean, you would know who they were if you watched the first season), but I realized that the second opening used the same singer as the first one.  Okay, the hamster voice got annoying but the tempo was much more steady and a lot less annoying than the first one.

In terms  of synopsis, Ritsu and Mugi end up taking half the episode and doing what I imagine girls would do in the summer.  The UFO-crane scene was a bit satisfying, knowing that Mugi would walk away a lot sadder had Ritsu not won anything, and the sticker pictures looked evident that they would pop up later.  As I know Mugi is naive and innocent, I found it hard to believe that any normal person would not know how to “eat” candy.  It was funny to see Mugi’s attempts at such trivial things but it really brought out the Mugi-ness of the entire episode.  After this, the episode goes back to school as the girls are trying to study but basically end up playing a game for the last piece of cake.  This scene is classic K-ON and it shows the personality of each character – Ritsu figures it would be easy for Mugi to lose and get flicked in the forehead, but naturally she wins and Ritsu gets punished with her own genius. The classic feel was watching Mugi steal Mio’s strawberry from her slice shortly after, thinking that it would set her off just like it did with Yui when Nodoka unintentionally did the same to hers. After hearing Yui whine (I swear, that voice gets annoying), I literally laughed out loud when Mio started tearing up on the spot.  If not classic, what else?  What’s more, Mugi should wear glasses more often… to… um, study.

Other than that, this episode was entirely Mugi-centric and I think that Mugi-fans worldwide would be pleased to see her unveiling attractiveness and cuteness as this episode progressed.  As soon as the episode had started when Mugi was spotted shopping, I thought “!@#%! Mugi time!” – interrupted by a new opening – and followed by another scene where Mugi’s eyebrows yet radishes and how she turns into jelly with them off.  Personally, I thought it was a bit weird but many people had found this to be rather cute.  From then out, it was classic K-ON!! – girls will be girls, and girls with guitars will be… just plain silly.


6 Responses to “K-ON!! episode fourteen”

  1. 9 July 2010 at 9:22 am

    I can’t blindability left the second a Mugi episode came around! XO They have been waiting for weeks for this very episode. Le sigh. Hopefully she enjoyed the episode.

    XO IT WAS PERFECT. Okay we got no music which is a bit meh…but that’s fine. Mugi went to the arcade and won a stuffed anime. Plus with a new opening and closing song I guess that is music related.

    It pains me that I sided with Yui this week. PAINS ME.

    • 2 SPIRAL
      9 July 2010 at 12:25 pm

      ahhhhhhhhhhh that monster has done its toll on all of us. Well, blindability should be adding albeit things now and then so I think it’ll work out XD

      It pains me that you sided with Yui. How could you…

  2. 3 Kikuri
    9 July 2010 at 10:19 pm

    Whoopieeee! Finally a new OP and ED…. I prefer the ED, tho. The opening sounds like Yui is having a seizure or something! Anyway, Mugi is so weird in this episode… So ‘masochistic’ hahahahaha…. Hmmm.. I wonder what will blindability comment on Mugi since she is her fav.

    Thanx for the review, tho!

  3. 4 Jimbo
    13 July 2010 at 1:48 pm

    I happen to really like the OP. The way Yui jumps around is soooo adorable. 😀

  4. 14 July 2010 at 11:09 am

    Maybe blindability went to buy new glasses! 😀 *cricket cricket* uhhh…

    Though it may seem like a Mugi-centric episode, I thought of it more as a Mugi-Ritsu combo since they appeared together most of the time. I didn’t think Mugi and Ritsu would play off each other so well, so it was surprising for me. Not to mention great! Definitely one of my fav episodes of K-ON!!

    Mugi should wear glasses more often… to… um, study.


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