STRIKE Witches 2 first impressions

Let me say it clearly – I won’t be blogging this series nor do I think anyone on the team (I mean, that twenty limbed monster is one BAMF), but I’ll still be a responsible little blogger and give you my first impresesions.  I watched the entire first season way back and I was curious to see what elements they could introduce to make STRIKE Witches 2 a success.

Then I realized that most of the people who probably watch this show watch it for the 1) pantsu or 2) girls flying and shooting.  More often than I hope, the case is usually number one.   Even someone who watched it for the action in the first season would’ve been heavily disappointed at the presentation of the first episode of the second season.  Keeping the same enemy Neruoi is one thing, but recycling essentially the first episode of the first series is really pointless.

What I’m obviously talking about is the plot – we start of with an OP that looks very similar to the first one, even the action scene towards the end.  Then we start the episode with the STRIKE Witches fighting a Neruoi.  A couple of new and interesting moves, but where is Yoshikawa?  Wait a minute, she’s back at school!  She graduates from middle school (I guess everyone there wears only pantsu) and runs into her best friends grandfather.  They drive down the road and suddenly stop, Yoshikawa heals some animal, and once again, she’s invited to STRIKE Witches.  Although this time is was a bear, the first season had the exact same events occur only that the injured  being was Yoshikawa’s friend, and perhaps the situation was more dire back then.  It was from here I realized that it would save me so much precious time not to watch this series – I felt that everything would be recycled again: they would go through everyone’s personal problems (which they did in the first season), they’ll introduce a new threat halfway (which they did in the first season), and Yoshikawa will be the key in destroying/befriending the final boss.  The episode ends with another urgent call of the Neroi and lo and behold, Yoshikawa uses a STRIKE unit once again.

The reason I’m not blogging this show is not because of time – hell, I’m blogging ten series, so one more wouldn’t hurt, but it’s the uselss recycled crap and the pantsu that want to make me smack all the Japanese people who actually pay $80 per episode for a DVD of this show.  With essentially no plot and basically a Neruoi appearing at the end of every episode, how can anyone repeatedly watch these episodes and not feel some type of deja vu?  Because it is – it’s repeated, unnecessary, and a waste of good anime time.  Hell, I’ll blog hentai over this, because at least hentai’s got some plot. (No, I won’t).


7 Responses to “STRIKE Witches 2 first impressions”

  1. 9 July 2010 at 3:55 am

    Not a bad episode! but was hoping to see some new characters, well we did get to see one new girl was very nice either way =)

  2. 29 August 2010 at 6:35 am

    Hentai is great. JAV is great
    love DVDISO
    Hentai JAV DVDISO

  3. 5 Solaris
    8 September 2010 at 3:47 am

    Thank you for not blogging this. We actually have no need of someone who’d generically remind us this show is about pantsu and can’t see beyond that in the first place 🙂
    Oh yeah, this anime isn’t about Neurois either. They’re just a plot device made to let the girls fly … and show their panties 😛
    Focus is just on the char’s and their moe antics. (just like overrated K-On)

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