Ookami-san…[insert title] episode two

Ookami-san’s out early this week and after a good first impression, I was actually looking forward to this show. As the episode played out, we learned alot of different things that we didn’t know but will certainly make this series more fun. However, there was no fairy tale theme for this episode (I think) and we are actually introduced to the lives of Ookami-san and her friends.

Plotwise, it’s another request from another customer.  But before that, let’s go in-depth on Ryouko and Ryoushi.  Apart from having similar names, both have finally started to get used to each other… well, at least Ryoushi is.  Ryouko decides to go work out while Ryoushi ends up talking with Ringo why he loves Ryouko – in the end, he tells her how Ryouko has two contrasting personalities on the inside and on the outside, but she still works to become stronger and stronger everyday.  When Ryouko hears this later that night, she completely goes all tsudere on us.  It does remind me of Taiga and that somewhat displeases me, but I guess it would be weird had Ryouko actually been really shy and/or quiet with that face.  Regardless, she’s really good with dogs and she finds herself petting two outside a store when *shock* those dogs turn out to be Ryoushi’s!  Gasp!  Well, after a small chat, Ryouko and Ryoushi go there separate ways, both smiling at the other’s interests.

The next day, Ookami bank gets a customer but it turns out to be a set-up by another school on Ookami-turf.  It turns out that they want Ryouko and after they knock Ryoushi out, they take her to a warehouse.  After taking a few hits and realizing that she needs help, Ryoushi shows us why he’s the hunter of the show and begins to pelt everyone with rocks from a slingshot, hitting everyone while Ryouko is set free by the other members.  After a school fight scene and Ryouko’s realization that she can move freely becausee she knows that Ryoushi’s got her back, Ryoushi ends up taking out the head boss.  Surprising, but a fitting ending… or is it?  As our heroes walk away, a cloaked figure watches them leave.  I totally bet that she’s Ryouko’s middle school rival or something.  Other than that, I like this anime more and more with each passing minute – it might not be as outgoing as some of the other anime this season nor as hardcore as some zombie smashing, but it’s a quiet and enjoyable anime.  Something you could sit back in a good chair and enjoy by yourself.  It’ll be interesting to see what other fairy  tales we have yet to see but until then, we’ll keep on observing.  Narrator FTW.


5 Responses to “Ookami-san…[insert title] episode two”

  1. 9 July 2010 at 11:38 pm

    Excellent screenshot of Ryoushi in action. I knew he would become more helpful, but I didn’t anticipate that he would also have tracking dogs. I think we were still going through introductions this episode, and the real story (beyond Ryouko X Ryoushi) has yet to begin.

  2. 2 GhostAce
    9 July 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Ryouko: Wolf
    Ryoushi: Hunter
    Ringo: Red Riding Hood

    Hmm now thats interesting

  3. 3 kyo tenshi
    10 July 2010 at 3:40 am

    well actually for a fary tail theme the closest thing would have been the boy who cryed wolf, introducing that ryouko is a sheep in wolfs clothing and the fake job to get them ambushed, but thats about the only thing i can think of, on a side note im new and love the blog! XD

  4. 4 Charlotte
    13 July 2010 at 4:05 pm

    I dislike the narrator so much. She’s so irritating with the NO BOOBS NO BOOBS FLAT CHEST LOL last episode. She’s like an annoying inner voice that I already have. Besides the narrator, this anime is pretty interesting with the fairytale themes. I look forward to Sleeping Beauty and other classics. I agree that this is a quiet, enjoyable anime, when I want to have some peace instead of zombie-friend-smashing-action.

    Hmm isn’t the cloaked figure at the end male?

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