Kaichou wa Maid-sama! episode fifteen

Everyday for the next two months I realize that I will probably have to post 1-2 entries daily, so might as well make the most of it.  I’m running low on ideas for my introduction paragraphs, so I’m willing to take anyone’s comment on what I should address in this paragraph of every post.  Whatever.

To start off, Misaki wasn’t really sleeping.  Yep, she was awake the whole time and confesses that she couldn’t sleep because Usui’s idiocity.  That leads us to Kanou the freshman being tied-up and becoming the unofficial slave of Misaki, and she decides to use him preparation of the school tour.  Whereas the guys are busy setting up their individual clubs, the girls are putting together a cafe with… you got it – maid costumes.  Unfortunately, Misaki decides not to take part in it.  Kanou helps the girls and the student council to prepare for the big day, and although he wasn’t initially psyched about it, Misaki’s dark cloning process sure snapped him back to place as preparation went smoothly.

The day of the tour comes and Misaki is busier than ever guiding people around.   While most people are enjoying it, Usui is wandering around causing to attract the attention of many females – Misaki orders him to help the different sports clubs and he makes goals, strikes out batters, serves aces, and wins the local laser-tag competition (just kidding about the last one).  Meanwhile, Misaki decides to some local all-girl school girls to realize that guys aren’t scary using Kanou as an example.  After an enlightening moment of his past and how he’s reacted towards girl for the past years, he reconsiders.  Hence the issue is solved and we end on the scene that Usui wants to violate Misaki… of course.

And we really need to stop with the Yukimura-looks-like-a-girl jokes – yes, it was his fault when he dressed up as a maid at the athletics competition but it’s getting old.  Other than that, why was Kanou introduced?  That really wasted two episodes if all that was going to happen was Usui and Misaki split up for the entirety of the episodes and Kanou was going to so easily overcome his fear ofo hurting a girl.  Wow, this show is getting more and more pointless as the season goes on.  It should’ve been thirteen episodes so that they could actually have interesting episodes more crunched up together.  This episode was funny to an extent… but not that funny, nor great.

1 Response to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama! episode fifteen”

  1. 1 Kikuri
    10 July 2010 at 11:05 pm

    I love this anime but i have never read the manga. I think there are too many fillers ans sometimes i got so bored waiting for their (Ayuzawa & Usui) so-called relationship to develop… For example, this episode. I am so frustrated….

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