GIANT KILLING! episode fifteen

The world cup final was pretty boring this time around and it was pretty violent – it wasn’t beautiful soccer like Tatsumi’s managing and that made me sad.  After Korea was knocked out, I was always cheering for Spain since Xavi is an inspirational player to me.  If it wasn’t for Xavi, Spain wouldn’t control the game… so I guess in that sense Xavi can be the future Tsubaki?

We start the episode with Ojii scoring a penalty to put ETU ahead in the game 3-1, but Sera gets subbed off.  Sera has scored a goal, but realizes that more and more he’s getting closer to becoming a permanent substitute if he doesn’t start scoring again as a forward.  Not only that, Tatsumi meets a returned player from rehab – Natsuki.  Natsuki has been injured half the season and was in rehab away from the team.  I can see why – he’s annoying and he’s pretty loud.  Regardless, the whole episode focuses on him getting back and Sera reassuring himself that he is still a starter since Natsuki is just getting back.  Just as things start to get dull, Natsuki pulls a howler of a volley just to show Tatsumi his skill.  Even though Tatsumi wasn’t looking, everyone else was sure as hell surprised.  The episode ends as Sera realizes that Natsuki will become a starter over him at this rate.

I’m actually really glad that this episode pulled away from the win-win game scenario and simply focused on problems on the training ground.  Believe it or not, as much as I would worry about winning a game, I’m always thinking about my performance to keep myself a starter.  Playing inconsistently and bad turns a person to the bench, and the substitutes are always willing to step up to the plate.  Sera should start scoring, but he should also realize that if he needs to sit out, it’ll be for the better for the team.

I’m glad the whole Tsubaki-arc is over and I guess it looks like Tsubaki is actually one of the more safe-starters.  ETU’s attacking direction actually looks pretty good and with Natsuki on the team with that super-volley, I don’t see why  ETU cannot contend for the title.  Here’s to the next few episodes, and it’ll be pretty obvious to close the Sera-arc, Sera will have a good game and score a goal or maybe even get a hat-trick.  I guess GIANT KILLING basically turns every player into a super-star by the end of the series.


2 Responses to “GIANT KILLING! episode fifteen”

  1. 1 Zi BlacKnight
    12 July 2010 at 10:42 pm

    I’m amazed you are managing all these different series at the same time. -Zi commends you for you dedication in the fight for Otaku domination-

  2. 19 July 2010 at 7:54 pm

    I really welcome the addition of Natsuki to the squad. But I want to see more Prince!

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