Shukufuku no Campanella episode two

After reading several mixed reviews of Shukufuku no Campanella, I have come to realize that not a lot of people really enjoyed.  Well, if you’re reading this post, I think it’s fair for you to know that although I do enjoy the moments of it, it’s not competing with the other series this season.  It’s not horrible, don’t get me wrong – but with other series living past their expectations this summer, Shukufuku no Campanella can’t really compete.  So that being said – should it have stayed as an eroge?  Yes, definetly… but it’s not as bad as you think it would be.

Synopsis first – after Minette wakes up, everyone reveals a bunch of things about her and their situation.  Agnes’ master made her, Leicester’s father had traveled with Agnes’ master and hence and came upon Minette, Marina is jealous of Minette’s attachment to Leicester, and Chelsea had absolutely nothing to do this episode.  The clan is scheduled to travel and visit an ancient world of dragons to put an end to the conflict.  With Minette’s attachment to Leicester, even she goes after the approval of Marina’s father since she will be useful.  I found that really funny because I thought she was like a war-machine like Ikaros but then yeah, disappointment later.

The dragon turns out to be a shadow created by overflowing Eru.  After watching the characters use their weapons, I would have to say Carina’s magical girl sequence was silly and stupid since her attacks did jack-squat.  Leicester uses a rifle, which was pretty cool, and Chelsea uses her sword as expected from a Holy Knight.   And what does Agnes use?  LOL at the flying circus animals.  Haha but that was nothing compared to the golem brought on by Salsa and Ritso (who aptly mentioned that she wasn’t wearing any… well, use your imagination) that got pwned – useless scene but it was funny.  Ritso and Salsa have to be the best characters in this series by far… apart from Chelsea.  The episode ends as Minette uses her super power and gets rid of the shadow dragon thanks to the help of a dragon’s avatar – a floating red head.  This hot (pun) girl gives the crew a crystal to call her again if they need her help and… we switch to the beach.  Great, and the girls are asking Leicester which swimsuit is the best.

May I not only mention that they should’ve called the dragon in the beach scene?  And I can point out that the swimsuits they were wearing are the exact same as in the eroge, so we’ll leave it to our imaginations what they did afterward.  After scene that foursome bed scene in the beginning, I wouldn’t be surprised if Leicester could get laid by all of them.  The episode itself was a bit disappointing and had little action but I guess these series are basically for new seiyuus to practice and make it to the big stage.  Agnes seemed to have a lot of lines recently so I’ll expect her to be the focus of the next episode – I mean, with these series, we should expect the “cover everyone’s individual problems” type.  Then again, each episode can just be a quest.  Hooray for team XP.


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