k-on!! episode (fourteen &) fifteen

Whee I’m back! I know I missed an important episode last week (MUGI) so I’ll add a few thoughts on episode 14 as well as this week’s installment of K-On!!. But let’s start with the new opening and ending: Our last opening wasn’t my personal favourite – in fact, I’m sure the pitchiness of it made the ears of dogs bleed all over the world. There’s no relief for our poor ears this second opening around either since they’ve stuck with the same high pitched, hyper paced style. Jesus159159159 of Sea Slugs defended the animation in the opening though, so I decided a good compromise was to watch the opening a few times with the sound off. …And it’s really not all that bad.

The ending is what really excited me though since K-On has had an amazing track record of really fantastic ending sequences. First season ended with “Don’t Say ‘Lazy’” which was really fun to watch and listen to. To be honest, I can’t really remember how “Listen!!” goes but I can picture the girls in their cute outfits walking along inside that ginormous cake. (Actually, if I think about the one part near the end where there’s a short instrumental of Mugi followed by Ritsu’s drums, I can remember the gist of the song. I admittedly prefer “Don’t Say ‘Lazy’” over “Listen!!” if we’re strictly talking music.) In the latest ending our girls rock non-Sakura High school uniforms and some modern-mix 80s fashion. The song’s not bad either; in fact, I think I like it better than “Listen!!” already, haha.

Not much to talk about regarding episode 15, really. The girls ran a marathon and I was reminded how irritating Yui can be at times. Though I’m not much of a runner myself, I know how and when to keep my mouth shut and cease whining about a situation you can’t really get out of. Plus I agree with the other girls: Running a marathon during the school day is better than spending it in the classroom. Especially when you can pace yourself and there’s red bean soup and rice cakes waiting for you at the finish line.

Yui getting “lost” was unsurprising though I hadn’t noticed when she actually fell and scraped her knee till I watched it a second time around. Mio working out the lyrics for a new song as she ran was much more interesting than Yui falling behind the others (literally) – which is what the writers/animators were hoping for I’m sure. The marathon ended nicely with Mio’s “flashy finish”; and though predicted (or jinxed) by Ritsu, it was more amusing than I had imagined it to be. That Mio can’t do anything right according to her own standards which, interestingly enough, only builds her fan base. That glitter on Nodoka’s glasses might have indicated that she’s following in her predecessor’s footsteps more closely than she’d originally planned; perhaps now she can rightfully be Mio’s number one fan.

Rewind to Episode Fourteen – the Episode of MUGI!

Seeing as how this is probably the closest we’re going to get to a Mugi-centric episode, it is my new favourite episode (though I still think Norimi-san is really cool). We don’t get a lot of insight as to Mugi’s background or up-bringing (though we know she’s from a wealthy family) but we do get to see her quirky personality a little more. As an affectionate and caring individual, it was a little heart-breaking to see her openly admit that she feels left out at times; the Light Music Club comprises of five members: Ritsu and Mio, Yui and Azu-nyan… and Mugi: the Fifth Wheel. It was really nice to see Ritsu skipping out on studying and spending the day with Mugi. I had hoped Mugi would take Ritsu to some places she normally hung out at but that probably wouldn’t have worked out quite as well as the arcade and candy shop. Oh Mugi and her simple pleasures.

I think one of the greatest revelations of Mugi’s character is her constantly wanting to hug someone and her want of being hit by one of the other girls. Both point to Mugi’s affectionate personality, wanting to express her happiness and friendship through hugs (hey: who doesn’t like to hug their good friends) and wanting to be involved in their antics. Though a refined and smart young lady from a well-to-do family, Mugi just wants to fit in as ‘one of the girls’.

As for myself and the scenario of eating strawberry or cake, I say why not eat both. Of course, if someone did it to me, I would probably cry too.


10 Responses to “k-on!! episode (fourteen &) fifteen”

  1. 1 SPIRAL
    16 July 2010 at 7:00 am

    welcome back from fighting that twenty-limbed monster!
    I trust it that you’re in good health again?

  2. 17 July 2010 at 8:23 am

    I knew I heard someone falling in the backround! Good job KyoAni!

  3. 19 July 2010 at 8:43 pm

    Welcome back Blindability. Here’s to many more Mugi episodes.

    • 5 blindability
      21 July 2010 at 1:18 pm

      Thanks! I certainly hope this wasn’t the one and only Mugi episode we’re going to get. They have to give us at least one more! (Plus her vocal debut is still yet to come. Yay!)

  4. 21 July 2010 at 1:13 am

    Welcome back!! XD

    • 7 blindability
      21 July 2010 at 1:17 pm

      Thanks, though I should be saying that to you… You weren’t around Sekijitsu for a bit, were you?

  5. 21 July 2010 at 11:26 am

    Welcome back, I missed you!… but I’ll be gone for a week so see ya! =P

    Before I go, just wanted to add more thoughts about the episode: Since this was the first (and probably last) time hearing Mugi speak for a long period of time, I noticed that she pronounced every syllable (or whatever you call them) clearly, as opposed to Ritsu’s gangsta slurrish talk. I’m not a Japanese language major or anything, so don’t quote me on it, but there still seems to be a slight difference in her accent compared to the other girls. I found it cute, though she is still pretty phat 😛

    so I decided a good compromise was to watch the opening a few times with the sound off. …And it’s really not all that bad.

    What did I tell ya? ;3 Oh, and thank you for the trackback! I think this is the first time anyone has every done that (feels sorta like a milestone to me, haha!), so thank you again!

    • 9 blindability
      21 July 2010 at 1:21 pm

      Ironically, after this week, I’ll be gone for a week too, haha.
      You’re too funny about the trackback. Just keep doing what you do and more will come, I’m sure.

      I didn’t notice Mugi’s grammar myself but it kind of makes sense when you mentioned it considering Mugi is a bit more of a refined figure than let’s say Ritsu or even Yui. Even when she’s being her silly little self there’s an air of formality surrounding her. That’s our Mugi!

  6. 21 July 2010 at 2:42 pm

    Watched episode 15 today. Nothing to ride home about, except that… I LIKE PONYTAILS!! I just cant decide whose was better? Mio or Mugi? (Has Mugi’s hair gotten longer?)

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