Ookami-san and Seven Friends episode three

I am losing the fairy tale themes here – I had expected a fairy tale, but didn’t get anything.  Maybe it’s a new change in direction, or maybe it’s a new fairy tale that I didn’t know about where princesses try to compete against each other in swimsuit competitions.  Regardless, this show has begun to lower my peaking initial interest in it in the first place as we seemed to have a whole episode focused on Otohime-san’s problems.  I never knew that the bank members could be customers but oh well.

Damn, Otohime looked different back in elementary school but I’m glad she changed for the better.  From being one of the least popular girls to actually a cute one, Otohime shows us the power of a proper diet and exercise.  I was surprised that AIC decided to focus the episode on her since we didn’t see much of her at all for the first two episodes except for the “use your imagination on what they’re doing” parts.  I initially welcomed an episode to introduce the side characters but then I realized towards the middle that it was only about a conflict between Otohime and Usami Mimi (played by the lovable Kugumiya Rei, although she isn’t being Taiga this time around) – perhaps the fairy tale theme was connected to the “tortoise” and the “hare” as both Otohime (the turtle) and Usami (the rabbit) were competing each other in a race of popularity.   Neither of them wins, but Otohime discovers something more important.  This, of course, is that Tarou loves her no matter what.  (Oh, so that’s what the fairy tale was).

Nobody really cares about that – the best moments in this episode had to be the swimsuit contest.  Apart from the deliberate fanservice of highschool girls in swimsuits, Ringo-san finally showed her worth with her badass-Red Riding Hood aura when going against Usami’s complaints about being loli.  Maybe it was the realization that Usami Mimi had zero votes, or the fact that Otohime got one vote, or the fact that the maid was the most popular person out of the whole group, but Ryouko finally gets some recognition with a vote from Ryoushi.  Tsundere I not want, but she does anyway and proceeds to hit Ryoushi.

President Liszt had some tad funny moments cross-dressing but we finally found out that he actually does a lot of things behind the scenes in helping satisfy his customers.  Even though this episode featured away from the plot, it was enjoyable and had its funny and anticipating moments.  The story was very good and even though nobody won in the end, the heartfelt message could be felt as the show finished on a soft and nice note… just like the Zero no Tsuikaima cosplay they did in the middle of the show (which, I may mention, made me laugh if Ryoko had played Louise’ costume because she’s basically an older-Taiga and Taiga was played by Rie Kugumiya who also played Louis… never mind).


4 Responses to “Ookami-san and Seven Friends episode three”

  1. 1 Windaerie
    16 July 2010 at 10:28 am

    I was not expecting to like the show, but this episode won me over. The whole fulfillment of the request was very clever and little Otohime was so cute! The fairy tale stuff is a bit lost on me too though…

  2. 2 Kikuri
    16 July 2010 at 7:11 pm

    I was expecting some sort of ‘parody’ of the hare and the tortoise tale… But this episode is more ‘mature’ than i ever expected. They used the sentiment of the tale instead of making a parody out of it!Otohime (tortoise) and Usami (hare)were competing in a ‘race’ and at the end, even tho otohime lost the ‘race’, she was Tarou-sama’s winner. Brilliant idea, don’tcha think so?

  3. 3 DrunkenVeggie
    18 July 2010 at 12:05 am

    I love this show based on the fact that it takes liberty with fairytale characters. So what if it wasn’t that similar to the original story? Seriously the cinderella episode had a prince who used kicking as a way to find his ‘princess,’ this show is just filled with giggles.

  4. 4 Aischa
    24 July 2010 at 5:38 am

    Apart from the hare and tortoise tale, this episode is full of references to Japanese Urashima Tarou’s tale, who saved a turtle, went to the Dragon King’s palace and got his reward, which unfortunately resulted in his getting old in one second when he finally decided to go back home. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urashima_Tar%C5%8D) A very beautiful story, and the references can be seen even in the names – Otohime Ryuuguu is written with kanji for “Princess of the Dragon Palace”, and Tarou is a year older than everyone, and has WHITE hair… It’s just too obvious ^^ so it’s actually not a one fairy tale, but two of them stuffed into one episode^^

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