Amagami SS episode three

I still can’t figure out how the producers of this show would be able to manage to make each arc of four episodes actually seem realistic enough for Junichi to get with them.  Of course, I guess it gets easier with each passing arc since Junichi seems to be getting to know every girl slowly that he will eventually end up dating – in that sense, Haruka Morishima is probably the least important out of all these girls.

Of course, watching this episode and seeing the huge personality changes from the first to the third episode, I can’t help thinking how shallow some of these Amagami characters are, namely Haruka Morishima.  Looking at her flirtatious personality now, I can understand why many guys in Japan aren’t falling anymore for the 3D women since there’s basically no personality flaw within 2D girls – they do what you want and they’re good-looking.  Of course, I (being the incredible demi-god I am) don’t fall for such tricks as slowly the anime seemed to be falling from my interest.

When the episode started with Junichi being super-happy about everything, I could have believed it.  You’d expect a guy who hasn’t had a girlfriend in such a long time to be happy about landing the most popular senior in the school, and that was reasonably expected.  However, Haruka showed immediate signs of jealousy as Junichi was talking with his teacher and his middle school friend – okay, a bit quick to be jealous but I guess some people take it more personally than others.  From then on, personality traits went downhill.  I guess the whole episode seemed to focus on how the two would act towards each other.  I found it really weird that Junichi found it sexually arousing to be kissed on the eyebrow but I coughed on the milk I was drinking after I found out that Junichi wanted to kiss Haruka behind the knee.  I had trouble swallowing when I found out that Haruka actually agreed to it.  What proceeded what a scene with a girl bending over and a guy less than arm’s length under her ass.  The last time I saw this kind of a scene, it wasn’t appropriate for children, but Japan seems to love these kinds of fan-service.

Regardless, Haruka’s phone conversation with her friend seemed realistic enough since she really wanted to react towards Junichi’s latest actions.  I was thinking maybe a “Let’s not do those things again but rather go on a normal date” thing but nope, she has to act like a kitten and role-play with him… in front of everyone.  Apart from the soup-kidnapping scene, I face-palmed myself again when Haruka let some of the thick white soup drip from her mouth after saying how delicious it was – if you really don’t know what that was a reference to… *sigh*.  Maybe the reason why guys in Japan keep going for 2D girls is because they’re so easy to get, and I mean both the 3D guys and the 2D girls.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed at how they rushed everything with Haruka Morishima.  I get that they’re limited to basically four episodes, but can they move at a pace that doesn’t seem like the girls have a major personality epiphany after every half-episode?  Well, that would be pretty hard and if these girls actually acted realistically, I guess it wouldn’t rake in the money for Japan.  Well, next episode is Christmas Eve so I guess every arc will reset for each girl.  That’s kind of really sad, because then Junichi only gets to really know two or three girls at best for each scenario.  Speaking of that, wasn’t it pointless how they spent so much time for Junichi trying to get to know other girls?  Whatever – that’s the flaw with a “get every girl” anime series scenario.


7 Responses to “Amagami SS episode three”

  1. 1 qwerty
    17 July 2010 at 3:19 am

    She is a bitch

  2. 17 July 2010 at 10:38 am

    This series is really pandering to guys. Duh of course but I wish they would be a little more realistic just in case there are some boys out there who think this is romantic and what girls want. ATTENTION MEN: We do not want to be taken to a shack in the woods to be kissed by a boy acting like a dog and we do not want to be stalked the next day to repeat said act. Really is this a romance or is it a porno I am watching?

    • 3 SPIRAL
      17 July 2010 at 1:35 pm

      haha i think most normal men actually know that situation. normal is the pivotal word here

      • 17 July 2010 at 2:28 pm

        I pray that is the case.

        Maybe we should worry more for the writers and producers of this show. If this is their idea of a comic romance we might all be doomed or something.

  3. 5 OneDollar
    17 July 2010 at 7:42 pm

    *epic facepalmed at that episode T_T*

  4. 6 Lem
    20 July 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Mm, this does seem to be adding more to the whole same timeline, different girl idea I mentioned earlier. Some big ol’ ‘parallel universe’ depending on the girl schtick. Though for this arc, Haruka is just really… odd. Yes, she has what a couple acquaintances of mine call ‘sex hair’ dunno why, maybe cause of those curls. Ah, no matter.

    Though I am surprised at how… willing/eager Junichi is to Haruka’s ‘requests’ and such. I worry for the other five girls if this would be his persisting personality trait throughout the series.

    Speaking of which, I am rather curious as to which of the girls will take the ‘main girl’ stage next arc. Ah well, time will tell I suppose. Hm, come to think of it, I believe that means there will be a new ED too.

    See you around!

    • 7 SPIRAL
      20 July 2010 at 8:33 pm

      ahaha Haruka’s hair = sex hair?
      yeah, the eagerness to follow those requests seemed really superficial to me but if Haruka rejected those, they would get nowhere in the space of four episodes. Let’s hope the other girls aren’t as easy.
      I’m trying to guess the order, but I would say it would be the shy freshman. I think.

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