Kaichou wa Maid-sama! episode sixteen

After maybe having somewhat of a plot the last few episodes, I have decided to decide that maybe deciding that this anime was worth it is… was… an odd choice.  Hopefully, since this episode was a beach special we might be seeing some things that we normally didn’t expect to see.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Perhaps you can say that this has been the most disappointing beach episode I’ve seen in a while?

Regardless, the episode was horrible – it could’ve well have been set back in the city with Maid Latte just having a swim-suit day.  I wasn’t disappointed that Misaki wore her school swimsuit, because believe me, I had expected a twist like that but I can’t say for the other men who have had their hearts crushed when they saw that scene.  The episode followed the typical Kaichou wa crap-sama plot – problem that Misaki has is eventually coveted by Usui.  Nothing else changed – no fanservice, even though it was on the beach!  What kind of beach special would do that?

Story-wise, there’s really not that much to tell.  I could talk about how Maid Latte decide to go relax on the beach which turns out to have another maid cafe which all the girls work at, or I could talk about how Usui just ends up doing nothing in the episode except cuddle with Misaki in the end, but I’d have to say that the only exciting part of this episode was Misaki’s sister and her watermelon case – the “pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu” actually made me chuckle, which is more than can be said about the rest of the episode.  Misaki seems to have grown immune to Usui’s sexually-charged approaches, but we all know that she really loves him and that she can’t live without him.  What an unexpected turn of events. Not.

But the ghost story was even more disappointing – I thought more could develop from that story Honoka told that freaked out Misaki.  Not only that, I was actually expecting an actual ghost to come out and reveal that it was not at peace because of a man and it would offer Misaki hateful advice towards Usui.  Misaki would then state that Usui is not that type of guy while he looks on and the episode would end happily.  BUT NO, they end up going to a bath after a small encounter… with each other… and that’s that.

I really don’t know what to say -maybe I’m getting sick of this or maybe the producers chose wrong to make this 24 episodes.  Regardless, it was boring, boring, and even more boring than I thought it would be.  Amagami SS episode three was crap and I still wrote two times more on that than I did on this… ____________.  Just kidding, it’s actually the greatest anime series in the world.

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