Shukufuku no Campanella episode three

…or so I thought I had seen an bad anime episode after watching Kaichou, but Shukufuku no Campanella has finally established itself as a lame collection of short anecdotes of quests and different problems that are solved by six girls and one guy.  Of course, there’s more of a focus on girls but it’s already well established that the producers do not intend to make these girls realistic, unlike Amagami SS.

Regardless, I have decided to stop bashing on this series and just watching it for two reason: the light-heartedness of it and Agnes-chan.  Agnes-chan is well played out compared to the other characters as she establishes herself as perhaps the second main heroine after Minette or Carina (it’s up for debate).  Nevertheless, I actually laughed when the problem was about a rainbow (it was actually a double rainbow… what does it mean…) flower.  Meh, let’s begin.

Awww Carina looks so cute as a kid… but who cares?  Well, it’s actually important since Carina got her magic broom-thingy from Leicester when she was a kid.  Awwwww (wait I already did that) at the Carina getting jealous about Leicester talking to Agnes.  Why would they have that whole scene where Carina goes through her whole day as the duke’s daughter job?  Did that actually matter in the episode?  Did it?  Agnes talks about going on a quest for a special rainbow black flower thing that actually turns out to be… a double rainbow.   Yep, a double rainbow.  Since there’s really nothing to talk about in this episode, let’s talk about that double-rainbow.  I personally find the reaction to the rainbow to be the reason why the video is so popular.   Double rainbows can happen, but guys that have an orgasm to it each time is another thing.  Was he sad, or was he happy?

After a whole scene of a train ride and a broom flight away to the flower, Carina and Leicester get outdone by a chipmunk.  A flying chipmunk that looks like that raccoon thing from the Super Mario games.  Heh heh I thought it was funny because after last episode’s dragon, I was expecting… well, not something in my backyard.  Nevertheless, Carina gets tangled up in vines with Leicester as it appears to appear what it looks like as only anime would present the situation aka wrong place at the wrong time.  The rest of the episode focuses on Carina fixing her broom and trying to get it to talk like Tango-san (the cat) and when she finally does, it turns out that the  broom actually is a blabbermouth about what Carina thinks about.  That basically means it reveals her fantasies of Leicester.  Leicester totally gained more XP being under Carina than the whole quest altogether.

Well, it wasn’t bad nor good but it was certainly better than a certain maid show.  I wonder if there will actually be a big plot rather than those small mini-quests.  If I want to see a quest being solved by a guild, I’ll watch Fairy Tale.  Nothing special about this episode nor the show, but I guess the focus is on each of the girls.  Ritsos is the best characters in this… after Chelsea.  I was surprised at the facepalm moments they had on the train, in the swamp, and in the closing scene going home.  Ahhh, twins in anime will always be silly.

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