Seitokai Yakuinodomo episode three

After watching Shukufuku no Campanella and Kaichou wa Maid-sama back-to-back, I desperately needed a show that would be better.  What I ended up with was Seitokai Yakuinodomo – it’s not ideal but it was certainly better than what we’ve seen this week.  Asobi no Iku yo was a bit more exciting this week but I still wouldn’t count on it being good (90% of the people in that show have guns, even the women) and Giant Killing was to air after this.

Thankfully, from last week’s episode we saw that the episode would be divided into two stories – back at school with Takatoshi and Sayuri, and in Kyoto with Shino and Aria.  I guess that makes this review so much easier to divide up.  Commemorating the trip, we’ll get more pictures today!  (Applause).

First thing pointed out – Shino and Aria’s sex jokes don’t really have the same effect without Takatoshi there.  We saw many sites around Kyoto and although I’ve been there already, I thought it was a good idea in this episode to show these locations with a twist of history and sexual jokes.  You had to love the inn scenes, but I was a bit disappointed with the bath scene.  No, I didn’t want boobs bouncing all over the place, but they really didn’t make any jokes in there other than the ‘Aria needs maids to wash’ but that wasn’t really that funny.  We finally saw Aria with Kinkaku-ji (after last episode’s fantasies of bondage with Takatoshi there) but some heron kept bugging the crap out of her.  I found the line “I’m going to fry you!” epically funny but not as funny as another exchange of dialog (more to come).  Regardless, some things weren’t as funny without Takatoshi.  You have to give credit for Shino trying to buy him porn and cosplaying herself as a samurai, but I guess we’ll never hit the epitome of sex jokes without men in the group.

You’d think Takatoashi staying at school would have more to do than clean out everywhere in his house to prevent himself from doing any student council work.   That, of course, leads to a pissed-off Sayuri and eventually working at her house.  The funniest part in the entire episode had to be the exchange with the foreigner – after she helps him out with directions, he calls her a little girl.  I really don’t know what she said, but I swear I heard the F-bomb several times and perhaps even a motherF-bomb.  Regardless, the two of them end up in a situation where Sayuri’s mother walks in.  Now, I don’t know if you guys know the pun but what she said either meant “Are you full now?” or “Are you satisfied now?”.  Looking up the subtitles today, I realized that some people made a mistake – Sayuri’s mom meant “Are you satisfied now?” (sexually) whereas Shino meant “Are you full now?”.  I guess that’s a weird bestiality joke but I’m not surprised what this series pulls up.  Funny episode, but we shall expect Shino to give Takatoshi his porn?  Maybe.


2 Responses to “Seitokai Yakuinodomo episode three”

  1. 1 evalone
    19 July 2010 at 5:40 am

    lol at the tongue-deer scene

  2. 2 TeAr
    20 July 2010 at 7:29 am

    wayyy better than the first 2 episodez in my opinion.

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