Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode three

There are some anime like FMA that didn’t follow the manga’s plotline (before Brotherhood) and thus was worse than the manga.  There are some anime like Highschool of the Dead that follow the manga and thus are epic.  Then there are those anime like Sekirei ~pure engagement~ that don’t really follow the manga’s story but are better and thus makes the anime more fun to watch.

That being said, Sekirei ~pure engagement~ seems to be diverging from the manga and it actually seems to have a decent plot and storyline now.   The jokes actually seem to be funny and don’t detract too much for the storyline.  And now that this episode basically shows Minato capturing Kazehana with a Pokeball, she’s like a level 70 Pidgeot.  Pokemon FTW

Where to start off?  I don’t know where to start since this episode can have so many things to talk about.  I can talk about how Haihane got drunk whereas Minato didn’t when they both fell into the heap of sake (which shows either a loophole or Minato has a high tolerance) – I literally LOLed at the scenes where she began to poke herself with her hands, although I do seem to recall a movie where that happened a lot.  I can also talk about how cute Benitsubasa went crying after her chest was revealed by Kazehana since she was seem by another man other than her Ashikabi.  Thank god Musubi isn’t like that… she’s been semi-naked in front of… how many people?  Regardless, you’d expect a single-digit Sekirei like Kazehana to win easily but I guess without an Ashikabi, they aren’t as strong as they could be.

But to no surprise, she gets winged and after a whole long kiss in a whirlwind of love, she sends Team Rocket… er, I mean the Disciplinary Squad flying.  They’re blasting off again!  Ahhhh good old Pokemon (I’m not kidding, I thought of Pokemon when they flew away).  Musubi and Tsuikumi arrive to late much to the disappointment of Karusuba who wanted to wanted Yume again.  I really don’t know what that lady’s problem is but she certainly takes it out the wrong way, killing random Sekirei like that.  She even goes all psycho on Musubi towards the end of the episode (yes, I noticed her katana pressing against Musubi’s boob), scaring her into getting stronger so that they’ll be the last two Sekirei.  I don’t know if she thought about it, but that basically means that they would have to kill Miya, and nobody can kill Miya.  She’s a beast.

Speaking of beat, the “hadaka apron” (naked apron) from Kazehana was the best after-winged moment a Sekirei could do, if only Miya didn’t stop her halfway.  The reaction from Tsuikumi and Musubi was priceless (I mean, Minato just had a nosebleed but we’ve seen that already in a billion anime) but Kazehana is a good Sekirei to have since she’s really powerful and very experienced.  You’d think Uzume would take the chance and kill her but the preview spoils that by showing Kazehana in another skimpy outfit, not that her purple dress isn’t bad enough.  Lucky Minato – not only do you have another Sekirei under your belt but you also find out that your mom is a head researcher of the Sekirei Keikaku.  The trick she plays on Tsuikumi is hilarious as we all knew how Tsuikumi is towards marriage.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode more than I have enjoyed other anime series this week, perhaps even more than Highschool of the Dead (hey, I already knew what would happen so…).  This anime has a lot of unnecessary fanservice, no doubt, but the characters are all so lovable and the story is actually getting better from the first one… or so it seems.  Regardless, aren’t you glad that I’m blogging this?


2 Responses to “Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode three”

  1. 1 OneDollar
    23 July 2010 at 4:43 pm

    typo here? quote: ”since she was seem by another man other than her Ashikabi”… isnt it suppose to be seen?

    lulz at the sake scene here haihane got drunk 😀

  2. 2 Rancourous
    20 October 2010 at 9:45 am

    thx spiral i really glad u post this blog

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