k-on!! episode sixteen

Another Azu-nyan episode and probably the best of all we’ve seen so far. I would account it to the balanced mix of screen time between her senpai and her classmates. Plus we had the opportunity to see Azusa interact with a couple of the senior girls individually in the absence of the others – starting with Mugi, which meant more Mugi for all!


Mugi is just so adorable! I can’t really imagine her hiding and jumping out to scare the other girls (though it’s not very hard to startle Mio) especially when her “boo” resembles the meagre meow of a cat, but I’m so glad that she wanted to do it because it has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in K-On. And not only do we get to see that silly side of her again, but we also see her take a sincere interest in Azusa and her guitar.

The interesting and fairly clever thing about this episode is that Azusa’s original intention was always to get some practicing done with the other girls, feeling that not only were they slacking off, but that she had changed as a result of spending so much time (mostly having tea) with the other girls. Through each interaction Azusa picks up that practice does happen – just not at school during club activity time. Mugi practices piano every day, knowing that if she stops, the flexibility of her fingers will decrease. Ritsu practices daily as well, which is something we learned earlier this season (episode three, to be exact), and while it wasn’t explicitly mentioned this time around, we were reminded by glimpsing her practice set-up: the stack of magazines, battered from diligent practice. Even Yui presumably spent time practicing at home, hinted to when she asked Azusa for help working through the guitar solo in Mugi’s new song.

Oh: And I cannot WAIT for Mugi’s new song! Though I hope they haven’t forgotten about Honey Sweet Tea Time. Honey Sweet Tea Time is supposed to be Mugi’s vocal debut, but it would be nice to have the song she’s written performed as well, whether or not she’s the lead vocalist. It would also be nice to see Azusa take lead guitar or do a guitar solo as well since – well, one: she’s the better guitarist, and two: being the younger member of the band, it’d be nice to give her the opportunity to step up and really shine.

So Azusa – ahem – I mean Azu-nyan really is quite cute. Her facial expressions and mannerisms were all pretty adorable throughout the episode (especially the “comeback” comments). It’s amazing how many different levels and kinds of cuteness exist in K-On, each appealing to a different audience, I’m sure (which is why there are so many people with varying opinions on who is the “best” girl in K-On). We all knew that she looked up to Mio the most in the group, respecting not just her skill, but her seriousness when it comes to music and practice. We also learn this episode that Azu-nyan finds Mugi beautiful and overwhelmingly cute. Welcome to the club Azu-nyan, now get in line.


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  1. 1 Bjorn
    23 July 2010 at 4:51 pm

    I didn`t even notice how it is implied that the girls practice, just not necessarily during school activities. Well spotted.

    By now, I think that K-On will take its place as the first anime that define this anime-decade (2010-2019). Simply by being an extremely well-made anime-show, combined with being the anime that perfectly managed to define the Moe-genre.

    From what I understand, it seems to be popular with both males and females i Japan. I seem to remember a rumour that there are many females that are part of making K-On, and they did not want to sexualize the girls, which often can happen if a show tries to draw in just the more rabid part of the male Otaku-crowd.

    This focus on Moe, combined with slice-of-life, but leaving out the T&A-jokes, is probably why K-On has managed to become so popular with females as well.

  2. 2 qwerty
    24 July 2010 at 12:40 am

    K-ON not is moe anime

    • 3 SPIRAL
      24 July 2010 at 1:05 am

      Viewer discretion advised.

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