Amagami SS episode four

Ahh I finally understand why the middle episodes seemed so rushed – to make up for the last episode of this arc to be special and perhaps even pretty good.  Since it’s the finale of the first arc of this series, I suppose the producers would do all they could to try to keep the feel of this actually romantic and nice so that we can all go “Awwwwww” instead of “Huh?” at the final minutes of this episode.  It was revealed that from the last episode’s preview that this would be the Christmas Eve episode.

Naturally, this means that the whole thing will reset for the next arc and I still can’t believe they would waste time doing that.  Of course, it was nice to introduce the characters but Junichi can’t be flirting with all of them at once, can he?  Actually, the reseting was a good idea – otherwise, it would just end up to become another School Days, and I hope we all don’t want that.  (Although the killing scenes were pretty dramatic).

It’s arriving towards Christmas Eve and Junichi still hasn’t asked Haruka out yet for that night.  Of course if this was real, he would go home and ask for a date over the phone because he wouldn’t seem like a stalker trying to get with her.  Since this is an anime, he meets up with her coincidentally and plays with her for a bit before taking her to see a view.  It turns out that they met before and both lives were enlightened that day by the other’s presence.  Haruka really likes dogs as Junichi reminds her of her late John – anyways, they conclude that it was fate that they met and Junichi asks her out for Christmas.

Tackling the swimming pool on Christmas Eve is something I’ve never done but it actually looks fun.  I can’t really imagine a pool like the one they went to being in Tokyo so I’ll assume they went out further to some sort of resort or something.  Haruka insists that Junichi meets her folk but until then, it’s time to get wet (in the pool). I’d expect something ecchi to happen but I guess the producers really wanted to actually cut the crap from the norm, and I’m sure we all noticed this but Haruka has a nice figure compared to some of the other girls and it was funny to see her grow jealous when she thought Junichi was checking out other girls but it’s onto meeting the parents!…

…or not!  It turns out that her parents and grandparents don’t want to come so it looks like it’s just those two in a hotel room for the night.  Nice, and while Junichi is racing through his thoughts of possibly getting with Haruka, Haruka turns off the lights and admits that she too has fallen for Junichi, except she doesn’t know whether he still loves her.  It turns out under the whole scheme of things, she actually has been really scared all this time and needed Junichi’s love.  Awwwwww, and so ends the happy tale of two single highschoolers and begins the long story of two lovers.  Haruka in the towel FTW, and Junichi is one damn lucky guy to being her boyfriend, officially now.  I bet he totally got laid that night.

Overall, I was very impressed how serious the tone of this episode was compared to the last two and it actually made me feel towards Junichi and Haruka.  Who knew that the tables would have turned from the very beginning and have Haruka find herself falling in love with such a guy like Junichi?  You had to love to epilogue because it really shows the weirdness but more importantly, the love between the two of them after they eventually married sometime in that ten year span.  I was surprised that we didn’t see any kids but I guess the kinky roleplaying was a bit satisfying in terms of viewership.  Great arc, but I’ll give it a 6/10 for this one.  In the middle of the episode where it shows everyone else what they’re doing, you can see how Junichi will play along with them on Christmas (like go around and eat food with Kaoru).  Let’s see how Kaoru takes it, since she’s the next arc.

2 Responses to “Amagami SS episode four”

  1. 1 Salamandra
    24 July 2010 at 8:44 pm

    If they took the School Days approach to him going after 6 girls, he’d probably just fuck them all in one episode and then change his mind. Would be pretty short.

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