GIANT KILLING! episode seventeen

I guess the episodes for this arc are not only focusing on Sera but his conflicts with the other strikers.  I’m not a striker – I’m a defender, so I cannot really say I can relate to how they feel at not scoring goals.  Mmhmm, I’ve been doing a lot of series nowadays and I have to admit I haven’t played soccer for a while now even though I would like to.  Of course, being back in Chicago doesn’t really help the fact that nobody here plays a pick-up game (I mean, in Korea you could just go walk onto a field, talk to some guys, and a game would be on in five minutes).

That doesn’t really help Sera who ended last episode with an injury.  I’m starting to not like how every episode wastes 5 of the 24 minutes it’s given to recap exactly the same thing’s that been happening in the previous episode.  Yes, we all know that Sera’s disappointed and yes we know he injured himself.  It’s bad enough we have to deal with his complaining within the episode that we have to go through it again on the next one.

As that match ends in a draw, I guess Sera still takes it pretty hard after he beings to eat potato chips (it doesn’t help that the card he wins is Natsuki) but luckily, Sakai is here to cheer him up.  Sakai apparently is in his thirties and envies Sera for being so young – that being said, Sera hasn’t reached his peak years and actually can get better whereas Sakai struggle everyday just to keep up on form.  I guess this conversation is what Sera needed to come to terms with Sakai even though neither of them have scored recently.   Of course, that’s not the only problem since there is another striker that’s itching to play.

And I do mean itching – Natsuki can’t keep still.  Running into his team-mates in practice, shouting to his coach, and epically rolling onto the field after a triumphant roar (that last one was actually the highlight of my day), Natsuki is itching to play.  I was disappointed how ETU let one in as soon as he came on but it’s not his fault.  However what he can take for credit is that nice goal he scored when everyone expected him to create a play out of it.  As expected of ETU’s top striker, but Tatsumi doesn’t seem to happy about it.  In fact, he doesn’t seem to happy about ETU’s comeback draw despite the fact that everyone is saying that ETU is finally getting into their good form.  What on earth is he thinking?  At least now we don’t know what to expect from the next episode.

A good episode with little action but a lot revealed from Sera’s mind.  Despite having to sit in the stands, he copes well (sort of, I’ve seen worse) and is determined to do better.  I guess Tatsumi is conflicted with ETU’s form and his desire for Sera to become a great player.  One or the other, but I’m sure since Tatsumi is a genius like Mourinho, he’ll figure out something good enough to have ETU win and have Sera start scoring again.  Maybe he can put two strikers up top, but who to take out from the midfield… wouldn’t that set up a next great arc?

2 Responses to “GIANT KILLING! episode seventeen”

  1. 27 July 2010 at 9:18 am

    Well, first, to have a proper Giant Killing team, they have to win games, not draw them. It’s become apparent to him that his stock strategy of “wear them down then strike” isn’t having the same effect. Teams have started to compensate.

    Beyond that, he just plain doesn’t like to lose. They don’t show a part of the prologue chapter in the anime. You remember he coached Eastham to a very close loss against Portsmouth? It was an impressive feat. Instead of being happy, Gotou finds him lying on a bench in the locker room. He didn’t win, and that’s what mattered to him.

  2. 27 July 2010 at 4:09 pm

    I really enjoyed this episode, perhaps its because its the 1st anime I’ve watched in over a week but I really enjoyed this ep. Like you said there wasnt much action, but the content covered in it was immense.

    I never knew that Sakai was in his 30’s which is considered the twilight years for a forward, it was actually kind of obvious considering how he acts now though – very mature and cultured. Your final pic in your post made me realise that the three forwards represent the three phases a striker goes through in his career. An upcoming prospect (Sera), in his prime (Natsuki) and the end of his career (Sakai). Great contrast for the series.

    Natsuki is definately going to cause problems for Sera now that he is fit, but besides his brilliant skill and desire to score goals, Natsuki has a great attitude. This is something I have noticed as I have been doing overly too much research into my Football Manager game. He didnt make the starting line-up today but he was happy to be on the bench and excited to be given the chance to perform. He exudes confidence, he knows that if given the opportunity he will score and doesnt doubt himself and that is the most important quality for a striker, Sera should possibly see Natsuki as a role model rather than a rival.

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