I was disappointed in not only what Takashi wouldn’t do when he was alone with the love of his life but how Madhouse used to episode to basically take a break and fill 80% of it with just recaps.  Since they basically that, so will I with my thoughts on this episode.  If you want to read about that last scene with the guy and the knife, just scroll down to you see it.

No blood, no bouncing boobs, and no zombie feeding action (I mean, that last scene was even cut).  They had censored the boob-grabbing action from that guy in the last scene on the version I’ve watched and I’m desperately trying to find out why since she obviously has two layers of clothing on that spot.  I guess pantsu are okay, but boob-grabbing through two layers isn’t.

Episode one

“It was interesting to see that the first episode only focuseed on Takashi and Rei other than the other survivors, but I guess the nurse and her possy will be introduced in the next episode. I found it interesting how Madhouse portray the savage behavior of students in panic as they were seen punching each other and sacrificing each others to zombies. That one scene in the chapel was a bit weird because although I can see that Madhouse was trying to have a fanservice scene with the pantsu, she was being eaten at the exact same time. Another thing that I found interesting was the rate of how the zombies infected the living – by the time Takashi and Rei (and her soon-to-be-zombie boyfriend) were on the roof, it seemed that the whole city was up in flames. Shows you how fast the unliving move… like how they keep getting faster in every passing Resident Evil (I swear, people will be sprinting by Resident Evil 6). An overall decent episode – good plot, good action, and good interpretation of the manga – and I will continue to blog this. By the way, never read the manga before watching the anime because the anime sometimes gets boring since you basically know what is going to happen and what the characters are going to say.”

Episode two

“Story summarized in a few words – they introduced the situation of the other main characters before meeting up.  I could be totally lame and make this sentence my summary, but since I am epic (although not as epic as the brave souls fighting off the twenty-lim… you get the point by now) blogger.  So basically, it’s Kohta and Saya’s turn to escape from their highschool classrooms.  At first, I really didn’t like the voice for Kohta since I imagined a deeper voice, but the part was played extremely well between Kohta’s nerd personality, and his gun-wielding killer personality.  Regardless, Saya discovers something interesting about the zombies – they are oblivious to every sense except for sound.   Well, that would be fun after the teacher zombies OPENED the door with their HANDS to finish off the other student survivors.   Loophole much?  Regardless, it’s because of Saya’s scream that everyone gathers together.”

Episode three

“Speaking of pantsu, did they really have to show the pantsu of a zombie?  Totally unnecessary.  If you found that somewhat turning-on, go see your doctor.  Although that bus flipping scene in the end was messed-up because I can come up with a lot of reasons why the passengers on that bus were inattentive and stupid, I guess that helps Rei get closer to Takashi but for now, it looks like they’re separated from the group.

I liked how Madhouse immediately portrayed the teacher’s animosity simply by his first words and actions – that kick to the face was brutal and he’s cocky.  A perfect villain but the kind of guy you wish you can shoot in the head.  I really don’t understand why he has so many more followers but I guess those kids were freshmen.  LOL at the scene of the store clerk being spaced out before having the bus run over the random zombie.  Other than that, another fulfilling episode of blood, gore, bashing heads, and surprisingly, not a lot of bouncing boobs nor flashing pantsu (excluding the characters we’ve already seen).”

The last scene was directly from the manga but I could  argue that they should’ve skipped it.  Of course, it simply shows that people in society are going crazy and basically with the absence of rules, society is forced to kill each other and satisfy its own needs for survival.  Of course, they could’ve just shown this with Alice’s dad (I’m not saying anything) but hopefully they’ll show that in the next episode.  I really couldn’t understand why they needed to recap when they could’ve added more to the survivors escaping the city, especially the scene in the manga where the mother is bitten by her own baby while trying to run for safety.  Disappointing episode, but I guess even the good shows need episodes like this once in a while.

2 Responses to “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD episode four”

  1. 1 WyldRage
    28 July 2010 at 6:49 am

    It was just terrible: a recap episode after only 3! Waste of time.

  2. 28 July 2010 at 9:32 am

    Some good shows do need recaps but not after only three episodes! XO Way too soon.

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