Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode four

One thing I happen to really hate about anime and manga series is fillers.  For those of you who don’t know what a filler is, it’s an episode or chapter that completely detracts from the plot and does something completely random that has no correlation to the story.  Naruto has been known for its fillers between arcs and so has One Piece, but those are big series so it’s okay.  However, when a thirteen-episode show has a filler between arcs, it starts to get pretty annoying.

I have to admit I thought we were heading towards a filler episode – I mean, we just winged Kazehana, everyone is partying, Musubi is giving words of wisdom, and Uzume is prancing off to be a slave again.  In short, nothing out of the norm.  Even Homura had a bit of a scene but I thought nothing of it until the bath and the text that changed it all.  Thank you Gamemaster for making this episode a bit more interesting that it began with.

Regardless, Kazehana seems to be more interactive with Minato’s other Sekirei after being winged.  Normally, we’d expect her to just cramp up somewhere with a bottle of sake and give words of wisdom to nobody in particular about the wind.  Yes, wind is good but it would be even better if Minato hurried up and winged his last Sekirei… for now (that wasn’t actually a spoiler).  LOL at Kazehana easily winning the shopping race (I guess Musubi is really good, or Tsuikumi sucks even though she can control water).  LOL at Musubi for her sudden change of personality with giving all the useful advice when she normally was the slowest of them all.  I usually LOL at things in fillers because there’s not really anything else to talk about.

Otherwise, the bath scene with Homura was a bit disappointing (I don’t mean the censors) simply because nothing happened within the ten minutes that he was pouting about how he doesn’t want to have an Ashikabi nor wants to go through a gender change.  However, the text message that everyone got saved that thought and we panned to the different Ashikabi that would play a role in the near future especially in the battle to wing the final Sekirei, who’s still a single digit (single digit indicates enormous strength) too.  Homura had a weird scene with Minato at the end when both of them realized different things – Minato realized that Homura is a girl and a Sekirei, and Homura realized that he has to kill the GameMaster.  Miya warns him not to, but he proceeds to.

I’m expecting the next five to six episodes be dedicated to Homura before smoothly trans-ing into the final arc which will probably be made up instead of from the manga (in the manga, they then have to fight through rounds at random locations).  I hope they fight the guy from the East, because that guy is being a dick to Uzume.  Hopefully, Seven Arcs can clear up the confusion with her and her Ashikabi’s condition, and I hope Musubi will eventually kick Karasuba’s ass, because we all know that she will.  But how will the show end – more battles to come, or will Minato win?   Whoops, I’m getting way ahead of myself and the show.

1 Response to “Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode four”

  1. 1 Zi BlacKnight
    1 August 2010 at 8:03 am

    This ep. (from what I read in summaries) isn’t a filler. (Unless you were mentioning something else) I read this in the manga just last month. Though, I’ll admit that they only took about a chapter to go over this bubbly scene.

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