Shukufuku no Campanella episode four

Ahhh speak of the devil when the good anime’s latest episode turns bad, I hope that the bad anime’s latest one turns good.  From last week’s preview, it looked like we were heading off to the hot springs and with this kind of anime that seems to just pleasure the fans with the female characters and their female antics, it’s probably one of the better episodes we’ll have for the whole series.  Don’t know how foreboding that can get.

Regardless, I had just watched Clash of the Titans (the remake one) before watching this and after seeing Perseus complete his quest, Oasis’ quest of finding some simple bathtub stones seemed pretty childish to me.  Don’t know why people said that movie was dumb because you actually don’t watch those movies for the plot (it’s based on a legend, for sake) but rather the director’s interpretation of such events.  Regardless, back to Shukufuku…

I mentioned before that Agnes was one of my more favorite characters and how the seiyuu plays her really well – yep, it all pays off in this episode as she finds a quest and the whole team ventures off to a mine to find some rocks that would help make a good bath.  Yessir, they really have nothing better to do than mine for rocks in a mountain so they can have a really good bath.  The whole team comes along (even with that extra guy… who doesn’t really deserve a name in my opinion) and we see what we always see – Minette being loud, Carina blushing, Agnes making cool faces, Chelsea just being quiet (but not lost this time thankfully), and Salsa/Ritsos having their own little adventures with golem.  Nothing surprising, and it was honestly really boring.

Getting separated from the group after seeing that huge stone that emitted a lot of Eru, Agnes and Leicester had that moment where you could actually see them as a couple.  Agnes admits that despite her carefree attitude a lot of the time, she actually can get scared.  But not as scared as when she got naked with Leicester in the hot tub (thanks for his hot mom) – of course, I would ruin this part and say in the game, you actually do something with her in the tub but I’ll just leave it as us your imagination.  Despite being seen and seeing, Agnes admits she feels comfortable around Leicester and an even tighter kinship is formed by the best female character on the show and one of the only two young males of the series.  Brilliant casting, may I add.

Boring episode until the end with that fanservice and surprising bath scene with both Agnes and Leicester having both their reproductive organs less than a hand’s length from each other.  I’m surprised that Leicester didn’t get… well, you know… and Agnes would’ve just been like “WTH is this thing” but I guess she really likes him after she admits that she pulled him to the side when all she could’ve done was push him into the corner.  Hooray for blossoming relationships!

1 Response to “Shukufuku no Campanella episode four”

  1. 1 keith
    1 August 2010 at 10:47 am

    The episode wasnt very gd cept for fanservice n agnes 😀 y isn’t there any plot?

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