K-ON!! episode seventeen

In a tragic turns of events, blindability was called back to arms by Brian to fight the twenty-limbed monster back on Antarctica as a medic and a sniper, using only bullets made from 90% lead to possibly harm the beast.  Luckily, she had expected this and left a pile with a sticky note saying “SPIRAL, take care of the silly girls with guitars for me this week” to which I choked on my coffee in surprise as I found myself alone in Bokutachi’s secret underground headquarters.  “Silly girls with guitars” I thought, “will always be silly”.

Of course, I found myself wondering what kind of fun episode K-ON!! could bring this time although it certainly would not be a Mugi-centric episode since 1) blindability is not here and 2) because they just had one.  Maybe it would be something that had music again, or maybe it would be perhaps a beach special.  Regardless, that’s the good things about K-ON!!: you just don’t know what to expect from… you know, silly girls with guitars.

I could possibly scrap that music idea when I find out that they’re looking for a classroom since their clubroom is being… unsatisfactory at the moment.  From every crook and nanny they try, it’s safe to conclude that renting out a studio was the only way to successfully have a practice, despite losing a significant part of their club funds in the process.  From writing songs, we see more of the silly girls with songs of food (rice among others) and each other criticizing each other’s talents (which are non-existent) of song writing.  As expected, Ui writes three songs in one night (which is not humanly possible – I’m going up as a music major and I barely got one good song in one night) and as a result, gets sick.  Of course, not only does this show that she’s a hard worker but that she wouldn’t be able to study an all-nighter to take an exam because… well, she’d obviously get sick from it.  Eh, I bet she wouldn’t get invited to sleepovers either that way.

Regardless, Yui takes care of Ui and writes her a  song (“U and I”, which I guess is basically a play on her name) but where are the parents?  I have never seen Yui’s parents around are they alive?  Are they secret agents?  What if they’re rock band members?  Haha, I guess not but it would be interesting to see some sensible adults who take care of their kids in this episode.  Although it’s silly to see that these girls have a lot of resources, I think it’s safe to say that Yui’s family is pretty wealthy affording everything they do but that’s not you want to hear – you want me to say that these songs will be presented soon, right?  WRONG, at least not the next episode I think since the preview shows… acting… oddly.

Given that K-ON!! seems to jump the hoop on over-used school themes from these kinds of anime (hot springs, pool, etc.) I didn’t know how to really react to the oddity of this episode.  If you saw every other single episode, you’d know that the humor in this one was recycled essentially but the caring material of Yui taking care of her sister and writing “U and I” showed something else.  These girls are silly, but I guess they can be pretty serious at times when they want to be.  Anyways, a pretty solid but average episode of K-ON!! but since blindability will be returning for next week’s, I guess I conclude here.

1 Response to “K-ON!! episode seventeen”

  1. 1 Jimbo
    30 July 2010 at 11:12 pm

    Ui’s cute, even when she’s sick. 😀

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